Here are the very best moments from Glee “Props.”

Kurt as Snooki and Blaine as The Situation (Mike Sorrentiono.)
It may have been a tiny, tiny moment – but it had huge impact with me. Now let’s get on YouTube and watch it 40 times!

Tina’s rant made me proud of her.

I am tired of her being silent! Who wouldn’t want to be Rachel Berry, she’s always the star. And while I love that she took the high road, at the end of this episode she sounded kind of brain-washed. Rachel got solos even when she wasn’t a senior, so that argument doesn’t hold water.

The body swap was excellent!

The actors really took on the personas of each other. They probably had to study each other and be very honest about what they saw. Lea Michele’s Tina Cohen-Chang was totally a Joey Potter (Katie Holmes.) Quinn as Sugar was sooo fun. Ugh. LOVED this.

Rachel and Tina’s trip to Oberlin
It was different, and I loved seeing them together, all supporting each other.

Puck’s rage.

He needed that. We needed to see he had that in him. It was (and I don’t mean this ironically) beautiful. A beautiful breakdown.

What a Feeling.
It was that good.

Glee Props Review.
Photo: FOX