The Glee prom aired last night, and it made a few questions come up. Without further gleedieu (can I make that work as a word?), here they are:

Are you for Santana and Brittany or Artie and Brittany? What’s interesting is that I’ve put more attention here than to the overworked machinations of the Rachel/Finn/Quinn love triangle. If only we could split Brittany in half, and give her to both Santana and Artie.

Did the spoilers about the Glee prom ruin the episode? If anything, they made fans even more keenly aware of how important this moment would be.

Will Brittany ever love someone else more than dance? Well, she loves Sir Tubbington a lot! But consider how Artie messed up and then gave her a thorough apology, yet she still couldn’t forgive him and go to the prom with him. Sure, it gave us tension for the show. But is that realistic? Do you think Brittany was being a feminist (without meaning to) in that moment, or does she have a selfishness (like we all do) that years of boyfriends and girlfriends will be exposed to when she chooses dance (or something else) over them?

Why is there still Taffy? We saw the New Directions were still trying to raise money for their New York trip by selling salt water taffy. But how did they still have any? Have you ever had salt water taffy? It’s so delicious!

Who targeted Kurt? A bunch of students don’t just get an idea to all write-in Kurt as the Prom Queen. Will we ever learn who was in charge of this campaign? (Furthermore, even a dimwitted Principal doesn’t actually crown the embarrassed student and then demand the traditional spotlight dance!)

Does Jesse know how to time and entrance or what? That was a pretty movie-perfect (sorry, TV-perfect) entrance he gave, wasn’t it? I would have appreciated it more had I liked the cover of that song. But I’m picky about Adele.

Can you believe that Rachel and Mercedes’ dresses cost just $5.00? You shouldn’t. Lucky for you we have a spotlight on Rachel’s Prom Dress and the look for less. Also check out Quinn’s Prom Dress and that look for less, and Tina’s Prom Dress and that look for less.