The top highlights of Glee “Prom-asaurus” are coming up as soon as I smash another xylophone….

Sue and Becky doing the announcements together was a bright spot in an episode that otherwise did Becky wrong. (She’s just another egotistical, bullying teenager.)
This was especially nice if you remember this is how they used to do school announcements in hold 80’s movies (and presumably in actual life back then.) I was also a fan of Becky’s war on xylophones.

Brittany S. Pierce ruled this entire episode, but her tirade against castles in the sky was especially poignant.
And now that Quinn’s a “crimp” (as Santana put it) Brittany even cares about the disabled kids again. (Not that, according to her, they can get into heaven.)

Thankfully, someone (Santana) said the truth about how Rachel was sulking and making an “I’m a victim” party.
Berry is very full of herself, and I don’t think she at all deserved to be Prom Queen. Quinn says she had a good high school experience because she was popular? She also got accidentally pregnant, gave her baby away with regret, and became paralyzed@ But Rachel wasn’t popular so she deserved it more? They should have given it to that Missy whatever girl before just deciding one of their other friends could get it.

At first I hated the “Dinossaur” Ke$ha thing that Brittany did…
But I grew to love it. Why? Because it’s the kinde of crazy current thing that people like, but in 10 years people will look at us and go “THIS is what you liked?” and crack up the way we laugh at 80’s hair styles and choreographed prom dance numbers. So go on, go sing with dinosaurs on your heads. It’s for posterity.

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