The most entertaining moment of this Glee episode was in seeing Rory was unintentionally re-creating a scene from a Brittany Spears music video. (Looking sad on the bleachers + “Hit Me Baby (One More Time)”) But not even the peppy tunes of a Katy Perry song could save this mopey melodrama of an episode. All in all, I wasn’t into any of the songs or storylines.

When someone is legitimately believing in leprechauns and being taken advantage of, plus there’s scent of motivated manipulation all over the place? Yea, that’s not a heartwarming episode.

I suspect that even had I watched The Glee Project I would have found the Glee “Pot O Gold” Episode too overwhelmed with Damian McGinty as Rory, the pretending-to-be-a-leprechaun-to-score exchange student of Brittany’s. I mean, seriously? He not only had two songs, but he and his menacing green wardrobe was all over my screen.

And although I know there are fans of his big, poofy hair, I mostly see him as a Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer) wannabe that needs a haircut. Am I wrong in thinking these two actors have the same soft brown eyes and square hairline?

The new, all girl choir (Sugar, Mercedes, Santana and Brittany) has named themselves the Troubletones. Girl, no you did NOT. Z-snap. That sounds like the name of a bad group that is auditioning for America’s Got Talent (which is a truly ironic title for that show, as all talented Americans seem no where near it.) Surely Mercedes and Santana know they’re better than that name.

If we’re supposed to feel bad for New Directions in losing members, I don’t. Defect, defect! I would. Only because you know you’ll be welcomed back with open arms whenever you feel like it. Plus, Kurt’s safari outfit was oddly on my mind (although I can always forgive Kurt), Finn trying to make Blaine feel like an outsider was truly annoying, and The Rachel Berry show was in full force. Every time she referred to the musical as “my musical” no one even bothered to correct her.

I’m glad for Burt running against Sue, and I enjoy Shelby girl’s group. Also, I noticed a cute note from Brittany to Santana in S’s locker. Nice detail. But my enjoyment stopped there.

Quinn needs therapy and is having serious emotional problems. The way no one mentions how Shelby is Rachel’s Mom and how that’s gotta be sending her into a constant tail spin really bothers me. Letting Brittany go full on weird (a cat pooping candy bars that she then eats?) seemed to be crossing the line in this episode. There’s a believability factor when there’s a sparseness to her quotes which usually makes her come across as adorable. In this episode, she was idiotic and naive. For those reasons, I can’t even enjoy Santana/Brittany because it seems like Britt doesn’t even know what’s going on.

Are foreign exchange students treated so badly? But moreover, holy abuse, batman. Finn may have called Brittany an idiot, but Rory (for all of his cuteable) was ready to take advantage of her, and Santana already was.

I couldn’t give a fig about Shelby and Puck, other than to re-iterate that this is Rachel’s Mom which is weird in about a million different ways. I know most TV shows tend to get a bit incestual metaphorically with everyone dating each other, but Glee looks like it’s going to eventually become a literally incestual show. When Rachel runs out of people to kiss she’s going to fall in love with her Biological Mom. Yup. And then Finn can date Beth when she grows up. That’ll piss Puck off so he’ll date the daughter that Kurt and Blaine have adopted – of which Finn would be the uncle to. See how it gets confusing so fast?

The Glee Songs:

Unmemorable. And who were those backup dancers for the troubletones? I spent half of that number wondering about that, deciding they were Cheerios that Santana threatened.

Best Glee Quotes of the night:

“What? That Sour Patch Kids are just Gummi Bears that turned to drugs?” – Brittany

“I have in my hand the budget for the McKinley High production of West Side Story, a musical about a race war that glorified gang violence; it still seems extraordinarily gay.” – Sue Sylvester

“I thought you were talking about the Selena Gomez pregnancy rumors.” – Brittany

“The arts are going down. Today, the musical. Tomorrow the glee club. Next week NPR and opera and brunch and Tom Bergeron.” – Sue Sylvester

“Your glee club saved my kids life. Turns out, art can do that.” – Burt

“If this nation wants to impress its future Chinese overlords, we need to get our priorities straight.” – Sue Sylvester

Photos: Adam Rose for FOX