You want original songs? You get original Glee songs! No need to have a Sue-style tantrum.

glee hell to the no

The Glee season 2 episode 16 “Original Song” episode features some original songs like “Loser Like Me.”

Glee Original Song Songs List:

  1. “Blackbird” originally sung by The Beatles, performed by Kurt on lead with the Warblers
  2. “Candles” originally by Hey Monday, performed by Blaine and Kurt
  3. “Get it Right” a Rachel Berry original
  4. “Loser Like Me” an original sung by everyone, with leads by Rachel and Finn
  5. “Misery” originally by Paramore
  6. “Raise Your Glass” originally by P!nk
  7. “Hell to the No”  an original song

Glee airs Tuesdays on Fox. Photo: Fox

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