Glee on Oprah

The cast of Glee on Oprah, get excited!

Today is Glee day on Oprah! The audience is happier than the ones at the Price at Right – and no one is even winning anything! Half the audience is in Glee T-shirts, waving mini pom poms and cheering over Oprah. The Big O started the show off by describing the show, then introducing (over video clips) the cast and what characters they play. Big cheers went for Sue Sylvester! “Somebody to Love” by Queen is what the cast sang as they walked onto the stage. They wore red and white (varied) tops with dark jeans and converse sneakers. Each variation on the outfit seemed to suit the character’s, I wonder if they were meant to suit the actors or their chars. glee on oprah

Oprah talked about how there are Gleeks of any age. One girl made custom Glee action figures. Another girl gave herserlf a slushie facial. And then they showed two girls singing in their bedroom, their walls covered not with Teen Beat hotties – but Glee images. Then Oprah introduced everyone sitting on stage again (giving special attention to Dianna’s name, then Amber’s and Chris’s name). What’s sad is that some of the cast (such as the “two other cheerleaders”) were in the audience – let them on stage! By this time, the cast had changed into their own outfits. oprah glee picsOprah wanted to know “Who is most like their character?” Matthew Morrison had an answer. “I think Lea is, she’s a very strong woman and she knows exactly what she wants.” Lea Michele was wearing a sparkly silver dress, and Christian Louboutin heels and looked amazing. Dianna Agron said she really loved when Julia Roberts went over to their table at the Golden Globes.

Amber Riley (who looked amazing in a blue dress and nude heels) said they are all friends off set, and they were planning a trip to Cabo but then they found out they were going on the Oprah show.”The funny thing is, we were planning a trip to Cabo and then we found out we’re going to The Oprah Show. So Oprah trumps Cabo.”

“To be a part of a project that kind of celebrates your differences and makes your disadvantages your advantages has been very therapeutic” Chris Colfer said. Kevin McHale plays Artie on the show, and he’s not actually confined to a wheel chair. But he does wear super cute nerd chic glasses in real life!jane lynch on oprah Oprah wanted to know what a day is like in rehearsal. Jenna Ushkowitz talked about how they rehearse (btw she was in an amazing red dress and her cleavage is great) and it can get chaotic. Morrison says they do 14 or 16 hour days, and even shoot on weekends. Michele says sometimes they do three numbers in one day, and the day starts at 6 a.m. Mark Salling said he was on Cloud 9 to be on Oprah, then he gave a shoutout to the crew (which everyone cheered for).

Agron had to agree that being snooty is fun, and that no one tries to push her and think she’s her character – but they do think she’s pregnant sometimes. “They’ll look at me with these looks like ‘that girl is very young to be having a child'”.

mark salling gleeThere was just a commercial for Shape Ups from Sketchers.  I researched online reviews from all over and learned that the Sketchers sandals “Tone Ups” are the most popular/well reviewed new kind of fitness sandals. They win over Fit Flops, even. Go ahead and read my full review of sandals that tone legs for more info. I just bought a new pair of sandals today, but they are just cute – they aren’t gonna tone anything! And I don’t care. 😛

Okay, now Jane Lynch is on the stage! I love her – have you seen her on Party Down? Lynch says “it’s delicious to play” of her role on Glee. “People love it – I think she’s almost cartoonishly mean. That’s probably why people love her.” Oprah noted that this Glee phenomenon has made Lynch hip. “My demo is 16 year old boys,” she laughed. Then they showed a behind the scenes video of the cast working on a dance to “We Got the Funk”.cast of glee on oprah

Then we saw Neil Patrick Harris as “Bryan Ryan” who will be on a future episode of Glee. Harris said that his character is kind of a villain, so don’t hate him. We could never! And I THINK I saw Joss Whedon sitting in the director’s chair – could that be right?!?!? I don’t know which episode he was going to be directing – did it line up with NPH’s guest spot?!

Co-creator of Glee, Ryan Murphy said, “”To me, the show is about celebrating the difference in you. I think when you’re that age you think the difference in you is the worst thing, and I think the older you get, you find out that it’s the best thing,” Ryan explained. “So that’s what the show is about. That and about that the arts matter.” Oprah exclaimed with worry , “I’m already worried, what happens when everybody graduates.” Murphy replied, “They never will. It’s a ten year high school.” But he laughed – so you never know!  He went on to say that “I had wanted to do something optimistic. I thought that there wasn’t anything on television that was really sort of upbeat and had a happy ending every week. … So I’m as shocked as anybody that it got picked up, but it did.” Oprah noted that the show has become a phenomenon and you can’t predict having one of those on your hands.

For casting, Murphy said they wanted unknowns, and tried to get people to come in off the street. Talk about a better gig than American Idol.

“We took three or four months and we went all around the country and we wanted unknowns. … We encouraged people to just come in off the street. I think Chris had to drive down from where he lives and walked into the room and sang and was so unique and we’re like, ‘We’ve got to write a part for that guy.’ And we did. That was the spirit of the show. New voices, new talent, fresh faces.”

And they’re casting a couple parts for season two, hint hint!

Morrison went on to show off some of his dance moves. And he brought up Harry Shum Jr. who is also in the Glee club on the show. The pair break danced to GoldDigger.

Then three of the cast members (Morrison, Riley and Cory Monteith) went to visit a Glee club. That Powerhouse show choir (from John Burroughs High School) was invited to perform on Oprah for today’s show. They wore Marie-Antoinette dresses and pantaloons and sang Madonna’s Vogue. AMAZING. Dove Hair Care donated $100,00 to them, as well as a Baldwin piano.

A commercial here was for “Got milk?” and it has the voice of the Saving Grace star Holly Hunter. More and more celebs are lending their voices to promote things, but their faces aren’t being used. I don’t know why this is.  It’s weird! I noted it with John Krasinski and Carnival Cruises, and the Droid phone with James Van Der Beek.

And then a commercial for Dove Intensive Repair shampoo and conditioner aired. Dove has good face lotion, although even the oil-free one is too heavy for the summer, at least on my face. For the winter it’s great.

Oprah wouldn’t have been happy if not everyone who appeared on the show had signed the no phone zone pledge – so everyone signed that. Don’t text while you drive, or use the phone unless it’s hands-free! And that’s the show. I thought they were gonna perform another song, but they didn’t. Oh well, I cannot wait for the new episode! You can get Glee volume 1 on DVD right now if you can’t wait.

Glee starts up on Tuesday’s on Fox at 9 pm EST, next week!

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