Glee “New York” had plenty of magical moments. Let’s re-live them!

GLEE New York Review – Highlights!

Cats: Let’s start off the highlights with a quote. Oh, poor, naive Rachel. “He did seem crazy, he charged my credit card by swiping it through his buttcrack.” – Rachel

Pampered Hotel Life: Kurt is a doll. “I feel like Eloise.” – Kurt. He’s excited about  the ability to get Ahi Tuna at 3:00 a.m.

GLEE Fashion: Rachel Berry Striped Peacoat and Similar Options

What’s up, Cup? Who knew a song about a cup could be a possible hit? “My cup, my cup. Saying what’s up to my cup, my cup.” – Song by Brittany

Joyful Ohioans: I really loved seeing the entire group singing and dancing all around New York. Their happy group mentality at the start of the episode was so uplifting. They showed off pure joy. I need them to bottle it.

Jewish Elephant: Puck always identifies with being Jewish. “Can we just talk about the Jewish elephant in the room?” – Puck

Responsible Rachel: The girls (and Kurt) having a pillowfight while Rachel worked was notable because I’m usually the Rachel in that situation.

GLEE Fashion: Rachel Berry and her Red Check Sundress

Idol: Rachel meeting Patti Lapone was super sweet. And her romantic outfit was classic and perfect. She’s like a mini grown-up.

Snoopers: I made up the word “Snoopers” during a commercial break.

GLEE Fashion: Quinn and her Blue Lace Dress

Kurt and Rachel: Then going to breakfast at Tiffany’s was great, but for me it was the moment after they’d jumped on the Broadway stage for Wicked, and they looked at each other and knew it’s what they’d always wanted. I love their friendship.

Superman: “It was the superman of kisses.”

LMA: Santa is Lime Heights Adjacent, and do you know what goes down there? Bad things!

Kurt and Blaine: Kurt stayed positive and he has a great relationship.

Mercedes and Sam: Awww.

Brittany and Santana: Brittany has a pure sort of vibe these days, seeing things almost like a child. And I love these two.

Celebrate life: Even if you only make 12th place.