We love Glee at Small Screen Scoop, but sometimes we wonder if they’re trying to get too much money out of the fans. Read on to see why you may want to hide your wallet before it has Sue Sylvester’s face on it.

Glee cast photo: Emmy Magazine

Glee has found some decent ways to make money off of their show. They do a Glee tour, they sell every song on iTunes, and they also sell the DVDs in small batches or volumes. You could argue that fans would hate if there wasn’t a tour, everyone wants to own the songs, and people would rather own the DVDs as soon as possible rather than waiting for an entire season to be sold. But part of the marketing campaign around Glee could also be a way to fight against the way in which TV shows can no longer make as much money in the typical ways.

For instance, commercials are almost a thing of the past now that everyone uses DVR’s. What’s more, for fans who don’t watch on Hulu, there are several places to watch Glee online for free, or even download Glee for free. No commercials, no money. There are entire websites devoted to the sharing of these links, especially when it comes to sites like BitTorrent or Livejournal’s IHeartTV sites like IHeartTVShows (which states a “closed” notice even though it is operational on a daily basis if you simply look at the profile to see that as of today the last update was…today! The “closed” signs are simply to keep Live Journal from thinking these illegal communities are still in operation). And this is ditto for music – it’s easy for computer saavy folk to download the Glee songs for free. Again, Livejournal has many sites which are devoted to sharing music but particularly popular is IHeartSound. (IHeartCinema & IHeartFantasy for Gaming.) People can easily download every episode of Glee and burn it to disc’s, making a purchase of the DVD’s irrelevant. And it’s not just a theory that people could do this. People do this. We believe this is hurtful to shows and that if you want to support them, the best thing you can do is use a free and legal site that monitor’s traffic for shows to gauge what is popular and has viewers. If you get everything for free all the time, don’t be surprised when the shows you love get canceled. Networks cancel shows with now evidence of support or viewers. Watching them on a free site means you take yourself out of the numbers. This would never be the case for Glee, but it’s important to note. But, let’s end this tangent on why free sites are fun but ultimately damaging. (Although, Ihave a huge soft spot for people who are overseas that want to watch content that free sites like Hulu won’t give them, or for shows they’d typically have to wait a year to watch. So…it’s a major issue!)

Anyway! The Hollywood Reporter says that next Fall Glee will have all sorts of new merchandise.

At The Licensing International Expo in Vegas (on June 10), Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products explained its merchandising strategy.

“Glee has hit a high note as one of the most attractive entertainment properties in the market today and ‘Gleeks’ are embracing the show into all aspects of their lives,” said Robert Marick, executive vp of Fox Consumer Products. “The merchandise launch will allow fans to continue to engage and express themselves in ways that are core to the essence of the show.”

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Glee Hallmark Greeting Cards with a focus on humor
  • Apparel and accessories including headwear and bags. “In a key deal with a retail giant, Macy’s will be the exclusive place for a broad line of Glee t-shirts, jackets and other apparel from Awake Inc. starting in August and running through the 2010 holiday season.” (I’ve always opted in another direction when it comes to Glee clothing – dress LIKE the characters, not in clothing with the logo.)
  • Glee jewelry from Claire’s
  • Back-to-school and Holiday merchandise
  • Glee games i.e. board games, trivia, puzzles
  • Wii “Karaoke Revolution Glee “Game from Fox Consumer products and Konami Digital Entertainment
  • Glee karaoke machine and boom box
  • Glee original novels from Little Brown Books for Young Readers

Our verdict?

We won’t be rushing to get a boom box (who still uses these?) or any Glee notepads, but the Glee Wii game sounds highly enjoyable. We’re putting it on our Christmas wish lists right now.

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