After every new Glee episode we have the most fun determining which song performances triumphed and which ones tanked. Join us, as we explore “Mash Off.”

#5 – Least Favorite – like a grape jolly rancher, the most dreaded of all rancher flavors.
“I Can’t Go for That” / “You Make My Dreams” – New Directions
Originally sung by: Hall & Oates
Justification: Hall & Oates may be great, but they don’t always work. I’m glad the New Directions had fun with this, although most of the costuming seemed a bit unusual (the girls dresses, the fake mustache’s were great.) I’ve personally never been a huge fan of “You Make My Dreams” so… that probably factors in as well. For me, this is the weakest song in the bunch. Make sure to comment if you disagree (be polite, no need to slushie me in the process.) – Jessica
I don’t mind a grape Jolly Rancher, but I did mind this performance. Hall & Oats isn’t cool anymore. It just made me think Finn was a really sad, washed-up dude. – Estella

#4 – Great Potential – like the idea of cleaning out your closet until you get tired half-way through.
“You and I” / “You and I” – Shelby and Will
Originally sung by: Lady Gaga / Eddie Rabbitt and Crystal Gayle duet
Justification: I really like Idina Menzel’s voice when she goes country. She does good twang! Still, I didn’t recognize the Rabbitt/Gayle song and … well, there’s nothing wrong with this performance. I just didn’t love it. – Jessica
Cheesy with good vocals means it’s in the race, but not winning. – Estella

#3 – Pretty Good – like most of Glee season 3 so far.
“Hot for Teacher” – Puck with Mike and Finn and Blaine
Originally sung by: Van Halen
Justification: I was pretty captivated by the backup dancers that were Mike and Blaine. I knew Harry Shum Jr. could move it, move it, but I didn’t know Darren Criss was quite as dancerly talented. – Jessica
How can you go wrong with Puck plus Van Halen? Dreamy. The Gleek groupie armies are going to rise up and take over the world. – Estella

#2 – Amazing – like the way Felicia Day and Zachary Levi show that being a nerd is cool for anyone.
“Hit Me with Your Best Shot” / “One Way or Another” – New Directions and the Troubletones
Originally sung by: Pat Benetar / Blondie
Justification: … Dodge ball DOES need to be outlawed by high schools. I was never too much of an actual victim because I, who is not sporty at all, would sacrifice myself by simply walking off the court and pretending I was out. You might call that horrible, but what would have been more horrible would have been to be slammed in the boob with the  ball. Once that happens to you once, you never let it happen again. High schoolers who play dodge ball are like psychopaths, and there is no mercy. … Anyway. I actually loved this song, but especially because there was so much fun choreography going on. And I love how Santana is this evil gang leader (even though I don’t approve) as she’s flanked by other team members and she’s getting all divalicious. This is a really fun performance. But don’t be fooled, Dodge Ball is no joke. – Jessica
Right. Well I don’t have any tragic Dodge Ball stories to regale you with, pity. What I do have is major love for this sequence. – Estella

#1 – Most Favorite – like those expensive designer silk pajamas you found for half price at Marshalls and would gladly wear to work if they let you.
“Rumour Has It” / “Someone Like You” – Santana, Mercedes and the Troubletones
Originally sung by: Adele
Justification: What can I say? Two great songs, amazing singers, and tons of powerful emotion. I can’t stop singing it in my head, now. – Jessica
Adele for all the wins. Like there’s any way this isn’t everyone’s favorite. Please. It’s the obvious choice, but obvious isn’t always bad (just ask the women who wear Victoria’s Secret push-up bras.) Is it scandalous to admit that I like the Troubletones more than New Directions right now? – Estella

Grade: B
Rewatch: Yes
React: How do you rank these songs?