Did you think our Glee song review was all that was in store? Oh, ye of little faith in my TV addiction. I can’t let a Glee episode go by without thinking some thinky thoughts about i here on Small Screen Scoop. The episode was “Mash Off” which is not to be confused with (but probably always will) the season 1 episode “Mash Up.” Seriously? You can’t think up a more creative title? In the end I was just craving mashed potatoes. And those are so many damn carbs. (Yes, I’m still in the “carbs are evil” boat.)

Glee “Mash Off” Review

The character played by Damian McGinty … er, Rory? Well, he’s boring. The only thing interesting that happened with him in this episode is how Finn tried to act nice by saying he was nominating “the new guy” for a solo. It looked like he meant Blaine (who he had been giving a super tough time) but then he put the spotlight on Rory. And when Rory declined, well, Finn took the lead. (Much to my dismay. Who really thinks he’s the best vocalist for the males? Darren Criss outshines him as Blaine, and Finn knows it.)

Santana may have been a bitch, but outing her was pretty cruel. Of course, the impact is amplified because of that whole campaign video thing. Which, btdubs, shouldn’t be legal to run since Santana is under 18, right? Plotholes, ahoy!

Glee tackling Adele, once again, was great. It makes me realize how much more Adele I need in my life. Emma Stone had that hilarious SNL skit which used an Adele song for a catalyst, and now there were two Adele songs were part of a mash-up for the Troubletones. This only feeds my addiction! (And I love it, I’ll fess up.)  And that ending performance was so perfect that I can’t get over it.If you’re wondering how that video on YouTube is acquiring so many hits, it’s because me, and another addicts, are  hitting repeat a million times.

I love how the background girls were in the Adele style side buns. Mercedes had a great hairstyle. But Santana’s dress? Man, it was like someone rejected from Project Runway glued black rose puffs all over the neckline and hem. It didn’t fit her style, either. I really wanted to change that up, because, hello, any black dress would work. Santana’s personality does not lend itself to “modest dress with flowers.” Get real. For all the great Glee fashion we get, sometimes things really get jacked up once in a while.

It was interesting to see Santana watching Brittany during this song. Do you think Brittany could ever realize how much power she has over Santana? I vote “no” because they’ve written her to be so dumb. That said, Brittany and Santana have become two of my favorite Glee characters. To think, in Glee season 1 I hardly noticed them. I bet they bonded a lot back then, wishing for more chances to shine. And they earned it.

Meanwhile, I know I’m not the only person totally burned out on Rachel Berry. She didn’t even do anything particularly annoying in this episode, and I still feel annoyed. I mean, technically she accidentally sabotaged Kurt. Her ringing endorsement of him means that kids will now not vote for him. It’s like having a Kardashian tweet about how smart you are. People would automatically assume you’re pretty dumb. And could you blame them?

Before we get off the topic of Kurt – the fact that he realized how evil dodgeball is makes me happy, mostly because my memories of dodgeball seem like flashbacks to some kind of war zone. I also think they should not make teenage girls take swim in gym at 8 a.m. for body conscious reasons and reasons that then you walk around the whole day with wet hair and no makeup. (I honestly don’t mind if I’m not wearing makeup, these days. But in 7th grade the idea of being with a naked face made me want to bite my nails even more than I already was.)

It’s hard not to love Sue. But she seems to have a personalty transfer every damn episode. Sometimes during an episode, and not always for any particular reason. Sue’s personality changes based on the plot of the episode, and that’s not a very consistent way to run things, now is it? (I’ve been watching a lot of The City reruns on Netflix Instant Watch, meaning I’ve heard people talk about how Olivia Palermo’s work at Elle Magazine was not “consistent” about 500 times. Also, holy hell do I have a reknewed sense of hatred for Ms. Smarty Pants Palermo.)

How do you like your cougars served? I prefer mine OFF MY TV SCREEN. It’s not that I don’t think an older woman can be with a younger male. I’m just tired of this storyline. Puck (with the mohawk that I cannot get behind because it looks like he glued it on) and Shelby? Gee, I wonder if Quinn will use this as leverage to try and steal Beth, ya think? If Puck really cared about Beth he wouldn’t pursue this. Meanwhile, Gossip Girl is giving Nate Archibald his 500th cougar, so the trend is just really grating. The show Cougar Town doesn’t even do the cougar thing! It probably won’t surprise you that I’m also completely against the Aria/Ezra relationship on Pretty Little Liars. Why? Because it’s creepy and I hate breaking rules. Especially the ones called “laws.”

Glee airs Tuesdays on Fox.

The TV Three:

Grade: B

Rewatch: Yea

React: What do you think about dodgeball? Do you have horrible memories of it, too?