Here’s running commentary on Glee “Makeover” to recap this season 4 episode.

Blaine sang “Everybody wants to Rule the World” and joined just about every club that the school has to offer. This was 80’s bliss, and I have to admit that Blaine is one of my favorites. This montage bit was magic with all the slow motion. Plus, Blaine wears bow ties and that makes everything pretty great.

“What do you think you’re doing Blaine Warbler?” – Brittany S. Pierce

Kurt was dressed very stylishly for his Vogue internship. And seeing Sarah Jessica Parker on TV again brings me great joy. Kurt blogs about Project Runway since season 1? Totally.

That hippo broach was inspired, though.

Brittany forgot she dated Artie? Well, that’s very Brittany of her.

Leather socks. Suede underpants.

Spanks for cankles. Spankles.

There is no one at Vogue this nice.

Sam and Brittany should have been partnered for this.

Heather Morris can tackle most songs, but I did not like her take as Courtney Love. But Chord Overstreet did better on this cover. I did like the visuals, however.

Extreme couponing and muscle relaxers!

Of course, only on Glee would breaking into the Vogue closet — oh, nevermind. No one’s even mad! This Isabel (Isabella) character is far too nice to be believable. Spinning and smiling in dresses is always a good time, though. But the main makeover that Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) needs is to lose those juvenile bangs. SJP has a great vibe, but her voice isn’t strong enough to be with Michele and Chris Colfer.

Poor Jayma Mays. Why has Emma been regulated as only a small role to bolster Will? …I’d be away from the kids? AN his fiancee.

Young Orville Reddenbacher!

“You know them as the pimp and the gimp.”

“Our next question is from the Twitter.”

Award winning air conditioning.

It’s Kirk! From Gilmore Girls.

I always liked Karolina Kurkova.

Don’t throw out the reindeer sweater!

I just … can’t stand Rachel Berry trying to be sexy. I’m wincing. And cringing. And generally hating this. Inside the studio the editing was cheesy. However, the outside stuff was cute. Although… what is Rachel’s makeover here? Plaid shorts seem like her thing. Is the difference that she’s got texture in her hair, or some black?

Nothing says you’re smitten like “I wanna cook you dinner.”

Sigh. I really miss Carrie Bradshaw.

Congratulations, Blaine Warbler.

I actually love Brittany and Sam.

MOONRIVER? You can’t give her Moonriver!

Okay, correcting the errors in a love letter was really cute of a young Rachel Berry to do. But who does she think she’s kidding, she’s not thinking about Finn right now.

I will scream right now if Finn is at the door… SO OF COURSE HE IS. And he’s looking semi-hot. This is cray, cray!

Next week on Glee: Every freaking couple is breaking up!

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