Read this Glee review to see why we gave it the grade of a C-.

Glee Review “I Kissed a Girl”

The Good of Glee “I Kissed a Girl”

  • “That song was mainly about babysitting for me.”
  • Principal Figgins loves Pixie Sticks. Or is it Pixie Stix? WEird, it’s Pixy Stix.
  • We’ve had such a Rachel Berry overload that it’s nice for there to be an actual reason why Rachel won’t be singing in Sectionals. I don’t dislike her voice, I’m just tired of the overkill. That said, knowing what her voice sounds like kind of puts everyone elses’ performances to shame no matter what.
  • Santana did get a lot of support, so even when her Abuelita basically disowned her, Santana was still able to stand strong. That was a tough blow.
  • Beyonce has Sasha Fierce and Santana has Snix.
  • Quinn is going to use her knowledge for bad. Fun times ahead.

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The Bad of Glee “I Kissed a Girl”

  • As the girls performed the titular song of this episode, Kurt and Blaine were standing in the back filming it all. For Youtube? To show support? What in the what?
  • Kurt’s wardrobe for this episode involved some weird turtleneck poncho and another kind of cape thing. I’m all for exploratory fashion, but this was just bad.
  • Because Santana doesn’t want to talk about being gay or coming out, Finn decides that both Glee clubs need to ban together and sing it out. In theory, sweet. In actuality, I’d be totally defensive and annoyed like Santana initially was. It was like they were bullying her in their own kind of way. Santana didn’t need an intervention!
  • The sad fact that there have been a couple times when I had a similar thought process when voting: “Just like my dad always voted for the candidate least ethnic, I’m voting for the one with the most girl.” – Quinn
  • Finn Hudson took one of the happiest songs ever and did a cover version of it that makes you want to cry and be depressed forever. Cyndi Lauper would not be proud. Or shouldn’t be, at least. I think Santana was crying because it was so bad. When Greg Laswell did it, it wasn’t so… bad. Wasn’t it on the “13 Going on 30 Soundtrack” even? I loved that soundtrack. Oh, Jennifer Garner, where are you these days?
  • Sue dated David Boreanaz. But probably just because he’s on another Fox show. After he cheated on his wife I’ve been hard on him. I’m not about to stop now. His name doesn’t feel as buzzworthy as others could be. Points deducted for this!
  • For an episode about Santana, there wasn’t much of her singing. And there wasn’t much of Santana/Brittany – not even a kiss!
  • Brittany won, but where was the celebration? Burt won, and where was the celebration? I DEMAND CONFETTI.

Grade: C-