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I have learned that the best way to review Glee might just be is to first talk about it with my Mother. Glee is one of the only shows that gets her excited (I have heard her cheer about the show being on, seemingly ready to hang pinatas and throw confetti) and she will carve out time to watch. For as obsessed as I am with TV and watching all of my shows, she is oddly ambivalent about keeping up with them. She even falls asleep  or walks away during the end of just about every movie she watches. I don’t think she’s seen the ending of a movie since 1980. Which is something my OCD could never let me do.

Mom says: “That woman with the big forehead, I don’t like her hair pulled up like that. Why was her hair puffed up so much?”

Translation: She’s talking about Kristin Chenoweth

My retort: Kristin Chenoweth is a national treasure, you should never insult her! I thought her hair was elegant in that last scene. And seriously, have you ever seen Snooki from Jersey Shore? Chenoweth’s hair was not that puffy.


Mom says: “That girl with the bug eyes wasn’t there. Is she gone? I thought she was dating that other guy.”

Translation: She’s talking about Jayma Mays playing Emma Pillsbury.

My retort: Her eye’s aren’t that big! She isn’t gone, she just wasn’t in this episode. Did you read my post about how Lindsay Lohan insulted her?

Mom’s retort: “No. I haven’t been clicking to any blogs.”

Translation: My Mom doesn’t support me! Waaah.

(When then had a brief intermission to talk about how Lindsay Lohan started out so nice in Disney movies and has had chances to work with great people like Bridget Fonda, but is now seriously screwed up.)


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Mom says: “It was too choppy. Why didn’t Will fight to get the auditorium back. Instead there’s suddenly a roller rink?”

Translation: Hey, she actually remembers the character’s name!

My retort: They needed a way to work the Kristin Chenoweth character back in, mostly. And who doesn’t love roller rinks?


Mom says: “They should cover songs by the woman who sang “Midnight Train to Georgia”…Who was that? Dionne Warwick? No. But they should do her, too. I didn’t like that every song was so somber.”

Translation: I had to google to make sure – she meant Gladys Knight and the Pips. Is it funny that she was sitting right next to a laptop when she was talking about that, but never thought to google it despite the fact it was driving her nuts?

My retort: I agree. The songs were not my favorite. Kurt singing “A House is not a Home” was beautiful to hear, but uber creepy to watch. Hey, did you know they might do a Britney Spears episode?

Mom’s retort: Ugh.


An additional moment of our conversation:

Me: Madonna says she doesn’t know what Glee is.

Mom: She knows what glee is. Glee clubs were very big in the 70’s.

Me: No, I mean the show. She hasn’t seen it. She actually said she would rather the show use someone else’s songs than butcher her work.

Mom: (I’ll just condense a five minute long rant and tell you that she thinks Madonna’s ego is far too big. She also started talking about Cher and people with only one first name. Then she started talking about American Idol and Shania Twain, and the Beatles, and then Sandra Bullock’s new adopted kid.)


An additional moment of our conversation:

Me: I loved the line, “I think my cat is reading my diary.”

Mom: I don’t remember that.

No Glee coverage is complete without mentioning these quotes: “How do you two not have a show on Bravo?” and “I’m full time fancy now!”