Read for the best parts of Glee “Goodbye.”

Single Ladies

A callback with flashbacks is the best thing to do in a finale! And it showed that Kurt’s Dad really does accept him. We should all be so lucky to find ways to show our love to loved ones that powerfully.

Kurt’s Song Choice

You’ll hate me for admitting that I often don’t love Colfer’s voice. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. But the song choice was so perfect for his character.

The New Radicals Cover

90’s music makes my heart jump with joy. The choreography was simple, but genius.

Quinn Helping Puck

She’s never been perfect, but she’s matured a lot. I love that she made it her mission to help him.

Glory Days and The Graduates Entrances

Each graduate got ot show off their style as they parted the curtain, I think that was really cool. And I thought, man, New Directions has made this school their bitch! They rule that school, they were all over that graduation. And any school would be glad to have a choral group so good (and dedicated) to sing for their functions. I bet a lot of people in that school wish they were part of the New Directions after seeing how much they reaped from the deal. Maybe for Glee season 4, there will be a toooon of kids trying out for the group. I’m calling it now!

The Finchel Break-up and Song Montage

Listen, Finn ran by the train for her. That’s the most romantic gesture ever. And that’s damn hard to do when you’re just broken a girl’s heart. I mean, Rachel was in her wedding dress! And I’m not a fan of break-up’s, but I felt like this pair needed to stand on their own for a while. And it was emotional and powerful, and that’s why I liked it. Finn was selfless, which makes me like him more than ever.

What are your Glee season 4 predictions?

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Glee “Graduation” Review
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