I just got finished watching Glee “Funk”, and as always – Glee remains a show above all other shows. Hold it highly in your hearts! One majorly weird problem with this episode was that they used the word “Funk” about ten bazillion times, which is a lot of times for a 42 minute program! We do not need the theme hammered into our skulls. We get the metaphor! And I? I have Glee fever.

GLEE: Finn (Cory Monteith, L), Mercedes (Amber Riley, C) and Puck (Mark Salling, R) perform in choir class in the "Funk" episode of GLEE airing Tuesday, June 1 (9:00 PM -10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2010 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: Adam Rose/FOX

GLEE: Finn (Cory Monteith, L), Mercedes (Amber Riley, C) and Puck (Mark Salling, R) perform in choir class in the "Funk" episode of GLEE airing Tuesday, June 1 (9:00 PM -10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2010 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: Adam Rose/FOX

The main plotline in “Funk” dealt with New Directions being in a funk over how good Vocal Adrenaline was, and how Jesse St. James left New Directions and dumped Rachel in one fell swoop. BOOM. While not addressed – this, of course, meant that his parents had to move back to the other district, all of a sudden? Oookay. We’re supposed to believe Jesse truly does like Rachel, but he hardly acts like it. Especially when he smashed an egg on her forehead. Nothing says “I seek to destroy your soul” like that. They made Rachel into an omelet, and it was kind of a horrific scene to imagine happening to someone at a real high school.

Because Puck and Finn need money to pay back Vocal Adrenaline after they slashed some tires, they both have to work at Sheets-N-Things, which is where Teri works. Teri, who just finalized her divorce and is now looking at Finn like he’s Will, or a giant low-calorie sundae… My favorite musical number of the night happened inside Sheets-N-Things, and it was “Loser” by Beck. And we even got a cameo from Sandy, who is decorating his bathroom to be inspired by Jane Mansfield (pink!).

Meanwhile, Will decided the best way to get at Sue was to seduce her and then break her heart. This was devilishly clever of him and allowed us to see that for a date, Sue wears her track suit with pearls. We also got to see inside of Sue’s house – full of trophys and a mannequin wearing a tracksuit. I loved seeing that she hugged a trophy like a teddy bear, looking truly forlorn and pouty. Will did the right thing and apologized to her to lift her spirits, because not participating in Nationals was making the Cheerios so sad. Kurt explained it to Will, and we could see the Cheerios didn’t even know how to do their hair anymore. In fact, Brittany wore her clothing backwards. I thought that was a nice little touch – the things you can notice without being shoved in your face.

Speaking of Kurt, he was at Nationals and we saw a clip of Sue on TV being interviewed, and we learned that Kurt sang a 14 minute Celine Dion song in French. He appeared, said something French, and did a high kick – he’s ADORABLE. I love Chris Colfer.

For the first time ever, I found Finn sexy while he performed “Good Vibrations” with Puck and Mercedes. It’s nice to see the Finn/Puck bromance back in full-swing. They bond together against their hatred for Vocal Adrenaline. (If only Sue and Glee could bond against the other schools like that.)

Quinn is now showing much more for her pregnancy, and took offense when everyone assumed that Mercedes should be the go-to for funk. Quinn was resolute, and the next day appeared with a large legion of other unwed pregnant mothers (I’m unclear if they were all at McKinley High or from a support group) to perform. I liked the performance vocally, although the fake preggos bouncing around in the back seemed too comical for the song and theme.

At the end of Quinn’s performance everyone went up to hug her because they finally felt the understood how hard she had it, but Mercedes stayed sitting. At first I thought she was angry, but later on we saw that she really was moved by what Quinn had to say about getting looks and being called names. So Mercedes cleared it with her Mom, and Quinn is set to move out of Puck’s house and in with Mercedes. I wonder what their friendship will be like, and if Quinn will keep her baby after all.

Glee Quotes from Funk

Sue: And that gay terrorist went on to become the first gay president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln.

Kurt: I’m so depressed I’ve worn the same outfit twice this week.

Puck: You’re not going to fondle us, are you Mr. Harrison?

Mr Harrison: Where’s my music? How am I supposed to shop without my Kenny G?

Sue: Hot Cheetos have been proven to raise endorphins and make happy kids, and I can’t have that.

Quinn (on regrets): Thinking “trust me” was a sensible birth control option.

Sue: You know, for me trophies are like herpes. You can try to get rid of ‘em but they just keep comin’. You know why? Sue Sylvester has hourly flare ups of burning, itchy, highly contagious talent.

Sue: I want it to look like Elvis’ gold record room at Graceland, except I’ll be wanting far few morbidly obese women wandering around.

Sue: I have feelings for one Will Schuester. Sexy, non-murdering feelings

Sue: I’m all about finding a freakish depressed kid and showing them what winning’s all about.

Sue: Will I’m not going to do this. Even your breath stinks of mediocrity.

Rachel: Now I just keep having nightmares of all of the mother’s of the little baby chicks coming at me for revenge.

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