I decided it would be fun to do the Glee “Funeral” Recap by pointing out the high’s and low’s of the episode.

Best insult: “You kind of sing and dance like a zombie that has to poop.” – Jesse to Finn

Worst idea to win: “Poison Darts.” – Brittany

Worst expression: “I am lactating with rage.’ – Sue

Best exchange: “Your nickname is Panda Express.” – Sue “But I’m not Chinese.” “Neither is the food from Panda Express.” – Sue

Worst password: Principal Figgins password is 1234.

Best order: “Panda, make it so.” – Sue

Best callback: Rachel signing up for National’s Audition’s with a gold star, just like the pilot.

Worst callback: Will like sweater vests, we know. But we don’t care. We especially don’t care about the vest he wore the time he met Emma, do we?

Most heart breaking scene: Sue talking about her sister’s death to Finn and Kurt. And Sue’s eulogy speech.

Best Santana line: “I’d like to put the fun back in funeral as much as…”

Worst obvious observation: “You are so organized,” Will to Emma

Worst insult: Sue called Finn “Cottage Cheese.”

Best creepy moment: Seeing images of Sue and her sister on a screen while listening to the Willy Wonka chords of eerie-ness.

Worst point: We hardly had any group scenes where we saw the entire Glee club interacting.

Worst break-up moment: After a funeral. Finn shouldn’t have broken up with Quinn in that moment,  yikes.

Best display of desperation: Quinn, holding out to be with a guy who doesn’t want to be with her.

Best Brittany line: “Jesse,  maybe you can come on Fondue for Two and judge my cat.”  – Brittany

Worst product placement: American Airlines was mentioned about 4 times.

Worst weak cliffhanger: Quinn’s big plans for New York? Eh. Well, maybe it’ll be better than I suspect.