The Glee club didn’t just show their Valentine’s Day spirit with songs, they also wore amazing outfits! I would have given a lot to see Emma Pillsbury and her take on Valentine’s Day fashion this year, but we can’t have everything. What we did get is three former Cheerios who now got to wear street clothes. And they did not disappoint. Curiously, Santana is a little bit Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl) with her bow-based headbands.

glee characters

Rachel wore a dress I hated towards the end of the episode, but it was very, very her. It was green with a scoop collar and white polka dots. It was twirly, as every good Rachel dress should be. Meanwhile, Mercedes wore fabulous gold bracelets, and accessorized in a red striped scarf and hat. Mike Chang wore a collegiate-looking red and blue sweater with slacks, Santana (pictured behind Mike’s head) wore a bow headband. And finally, Tina wore a black dress with a white peter pan type collar. She was really working her Wednesday Adams fashion in this episode.

glee silly love songs

Kurt, of course, wore his new schools uniform. But damn, they’re super dashing.

While Sam stuck to predictable plaid, Quinn wore a 50’s inspired dress with cardigan and gold cross necklace. Brittany was the real star here in black shorts/suspenders and a black and white striped top with a  red heart.

glee mercedes fashion

Here we can see that Finn wears his Football jersey even when he need not. Puck could care less in his black hoodie.

glee tina fashion

Mike and Tina, one more time. They’re cute, but why was Tina crying while she sang to Mike? Is she really over Artie and that in love with Mike?

glee mercedes fashion

Mercedes wore a black top with a silver heart. Jazzy!

glee lea michele

Rachel wore red tights and a black dress (with a high collar and drapey skirt) with red and white polka dots. Why does she always look like she’s going to be on a modern episode of “Little House on the Prairie”? Ah, but that’s why we love her style. The best part here is that she had her star necklace back.

glee artie

Mike shows us that any sneakers can look infinitley cooler with neon shoelaces. Meanwhile, Artie wore a red sweater for the love-filled holiday… but…are those dinosaurs on it? Adorable.