When it comes to the Glee prom dresses, I much preferred Tina’s prom dress before the alterations. The dress is by Betsey Johnson, and has had red lacing and a halter added. (She also wears black elbow length gloves.) If you feel very much in tune with Tina’s style on glee, then you might love a black tulle dress of your own. So, let’s get you your own glee prom dress! The black dress is tiered like a really pretty black wedding cake.

The elements of the dress you should look for are strapless (or halter, depending on which variation you prefer), black, long, tiered (or try “ruffles”) and vintage is a good search term to add, too. I found all of these from Etsy. And don’t be afraid to get into the Tina spirit, and change up whatever dress you do buy (especially if it’s vintage and you get it for fairly cheap.) Add embellishments, or take away (tacky) embellishments! And don’t forget about accessories.

After the jump I have five options for you when it comes to this Glee prom dress.

  1. Betsey Johnson Evening Pink Star Strapless Gown – $525.00 from Betsey Johnson, HERE
  2. 80s does 50s M/L Black Tulle and Lace Tiered GOWN – $124.00 from Etsy, HERE
  3. 1950s Circle Skirt Lace Dress, Black Lace, Ribbonwork – $55.95 from Etsy, HERE
  4. Lacy Lolita Black Party Dress – $65.00 from Etsy, HERE
  5. Vintage Black Party Dress – $41.48 from Etsy, HERE

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