Glee fashion for Brittany in “Rumours” included a great rainbow apple belt, a squirrel sweater, and plenty of polka dots and hearts. Only Brittany would take an episode and wear both a sexy bodysuit and a squirrel sweater. Oh, Brittany. (It’s Brittany, bitch! Yes, I know I misspelled it as “Brittney” on the image, oops…I did it again!)

  1. Marc by Marc Jacobs Multicolor Anniv Apple Belt from Style Bop, HERE
  2. Heart Print Cardigan from Forever 21, HERE
  3. Black and White Bodysuit from Forever 21, HERE
  4. Time to Gather Squirrel Cardigan from Anthropologie, Link to Ebay HERE
  5. Orange Floral Maxi Dress from H&M, Link Credit HERE

I hope you enjoyed this Glee fashion blog post!