On this weeks episode of Glee (“Duets”)  Mr. Schuester challenged the Gleeks to pair up for duets and compete against each other for a dinner at the much-hyped fictional restaurant Breadsticks*. (It made me want to go to the Olive Garden.) Letting the kids pair up was a great, simple plot device because the characters didn’t team up with the obvious choices.

Santana ditched Brittany to pair up with Mercedes, leaving Brittany to court Artie. After much will-they/won’t-they hoo-haw, Quinn and Sam paired up for a duet, which was charming but didn’t blow me away. Kurt stayed true to himself and did a duet with himself. But what about our established couples? They made it interesting because we hadn’t yet ever seen Tina and Mike Chang sing together, and Rachel and Finn decided to throw the competition by singing a really awful song (with, let’s admit it, hilarious costumes.)

Sam (of the platinum Justin Bieber hair) and Quinn won the duet competition, although I don’t understand why Mercedes and Santana didn’t win. Even with Mike Chang’s bad voice, Tina and Mike were more entertaining to watch.

The episode showcased several songs that a younger generation probably didn’t know. You can either say that the show is educating people (of all ages, really) or that it should cater to a Top 40 aesthetic. I’d go with the former sentiment, and suggest everyone go Netflix Victor/Victoria.

Glee airs Tuesdays on Fox.

* A search reveals no restaurant named Breadsticks in Lima, Ohio. There is a restaurant called Breadsticks in Los Angeles.