For one of the most depressing episodes of Glee (why Marti Noxon, why?) we still found five highlights from “Choke.”

Finn coaching Rachel was absolutely adorable.
Especially when he helped her make her faces in the mirror, and wouldn’t make her touch doorknobs.

Blaine’s advice to Mike about gel was an especially fun segment.
Blaine could go on to be a talk show host with helpful tips for all.

Finn won us over once again when he made a diagram about how to trap Puck.
The shrub debate was also a lot of fun.

The boys teaching Puck about the rain in Spain was excellent.
Especially when they broke into song. My fair Puckerman!

The girls singing (although Sugar was not) “Shake it Up” to Beiste was understated and beautiful.
Too bad Beiste still hasn’t left her abusive husband.