Yesterday, all Gleeks were introduced to Charice Pempengco who played Sunshine in the season 2 premiere episode of Glee “Audition.”

Rachel approached Sunshine in The Ladies Room, telling her to join Glee club to sway in the back as she sings. But this hip, Filipino actually had an amazing voice. As Sunshine starts singing the Lady Gaga song “Telephone” Rachel joins in. Although, it wasn’t so much of a “joining in” to sing with someone cool as it was a vocal battle. Sunshine didn’t realize this, but Rachel was very aggressive. And she could tell that Sunshine would be some real competition for her.

Which is why Rachel sent Sunshine for a Glee club audition at a crack house. How Rachel Berry eve knows the address of a crack house is anyone’s guess, but Google does come in handy in some pretty strange ways.

I loved Sunshine’s voice and her style. Too bad Vocal Adrenaline nabbed her. That means we’ll see less of Charice Pempengco than if she was in the McKinley High Glee club.