We won’t know if Glee will be nominated for the Primetime Emmy’s until July, but with the cast featured in the Emmy magazine it sends a strong message about their odds. Read on to learn more about this shoe-in (or should I say SCHU-IN?) series.

Nominations for the 62nd Primetime Emmy’s will be revealed to us on July 8th. I think Glee will be nominated for about a bagillion Emmy’s. I suspect they will not only be nominated, but that Glee will win for Outstanding Comedy Series. What is it about Glee that we love so much? It’s more than just loving a modern day musical series. Ryan Murphy is Glee‘s creator and executive producer, and he said “The message is about inclusion. The show’s about having a voice, and singing loud and proud. It’s about the power of possibility.” Go team underdog! And this is an especially powerfully flag to fly for all of us who feel we’re all underdogs in a life of people who couldn’t possibly understand our passions. The thing about a show that features outcasts, is that so many of us can relate. Ergo, so many of us watch.

Lea Michele said of her character, “The minute I read Rachel Berry, I felt such a connection to her. Her drive and passion for singing and performing – that’s my therapy in life. It helps me learn who I am. Rachel’s on that same journey.” Michele is a force to be reckoned with, but she doesn’t have a whiff of diva about her from what I can tell. She’s earned her place, and I can’t imagine a world without her voice to sing-along to. I may never be able to carry a tune without sounding like a dying quail, but that doesn’t stop me.

Corey Montieth is someone you might not know a ton about. For instance, were you aware he used to be a secret shopper up in Vancouver? I certainly didn’t know that, and at one point I really wanted to be one, myself. Of this former job he said, “I’d drive around in my Honda Civic visiting 7-Elevens. I’d pretend I was looking for a certain product, quiz the clerks and, depending on their performance, reward them with cash prizes. It wasn’t a bad way to earn a paycheck.”

Think American Idol is the only way to get famous? Not only was Naya Rivera aka Santana turned away from the show, but so was Amber Riley. I love Riley’s simple and eloquent quote about this, “I don’t have anything to say to the judges. I let my work speak for itself.” And boy does it speak, girl.

As for Chris Colfer, the magazine lets us know he was very proud when he took on the Beyonce “Single Ladies” dance. As he should be! Colfer said, “Being told to dance one of the most iconic dances in pop-culture when you can barely tap your shoes? Yes I was proud of myself.”

But let’s not forget about Jane Lynch as the amazing Sue Sylvester. Lynch said, “There’s a real person beneath the bravado who wants to be accepted and loved although she would never show that. In her narcissistic view of the world, everything’s about one-upping and victory.” Apparently Lynch has someone she bases her performance upon. A former University teacher! (Yipes!) Lynch added, “I had an acting teacher in college we called the Dragon Lady. She taught through shame and humiliation, and when she walked down the hall, people would part like the Red Sea.” Sound familiar?

All pictures from Emmy Magazine.

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