If we can gauge anything from Twitter, tonight’s episode of Glee really knocked it out of the park!

A half-hour after Glee aired on the East Coach, New York had Twitter full of Glee! On the trending topics sidebar, Glee was taking up 7/10 spots: Britney Spears Glee, After Dentist Reference, Heather Morris, Sue Sylvester, Artie Singing, Jewish Cloud and Lea Michele. The other trending topics? Maple Syrup and Lone Star.

To explain the Jewish Cloud reference, Heather Morris who plays Brittany on Glee, said, “It looks like a Jewish cloud,” of a kid’s hair.

People love Sue Sylvester in general, but I think people particularly loved this one quote of the night: “You wear more vests than the cast of Blossom.” (AND: “My spinal column was ruptured in a sex riot!”)

Heather Morris proved she’s a terrific dancer when she got the spotlight in this Britney Spears episode.