Photo Credit: Fox

Photo Credit: Fox

I’m writing this post as I eat a 3 Musketeers (they’re so healthy it’s practically an apple, right?), trying to overcome the sadness of just having watched Lost “The Candidate” aka Titantic (only there was no naked drawings or diamonds). But before I was watching that, I saw Glee. And I watched it with commercials and all, yup. The commercials are mostly for Dove – since they’re sponsoring the Glee tour! Tonight’s episode of Glee “Bad Reputation” was mostly enjoyable. But as is life, some parts were more enjoyable than others. Writing lists about them is just something that we do to cope.


Matthew Morrison getting his grove on, rapping and dancing to “Ice, Ice, Baby.” And having Harry Shum Jr. up there with him made it all the better.

Jesse and Puck were both mad and said so. But Finn was the only one to  firmly and publicly call Rachel on her little “Run Joey Run” stunt.

Sue and her sister. ‘Nuff said.

“You’re a slut, Will!” No one can sell moral indignation better than Jayma Mays as Emma.


glee molly shannonMolly Shannon is a great addition to the guest cast as Brenda Castle. One part astronomy teacher, one part badminton coach – how can you go wrong with that formula?

“Don’t start with me, Castle, or I will kick you square in the taco!”

Kurt knew Will had been watching Law & Order. That was priceless.


Brittany is usually funny with her oh-so-dumb lines. But sometimes they seem forced. You can force funny. And saying she forgot how to get up and leave a room is forcing the funny.

Don’t name an episode after a popular song and then not perform the song for us. Where was the Joan Jett cover?

I get it, Lea Michele is a great singer. Rachel is the star lead. But I’d like it glee suemore if more characters got a chance to have larger parts in songs. “Total Eclipse of the Heart” was good, but I felt like it was overkill.

Quinn has gotten a real short end of the stick. Was it really a surprise to anyone that she wrote the Glist?

Speaking of, are we going to have a “Mc” problem a la Grey’s Anatomy with “Gl”? McDreamy and McSteamy want to know about Gleeks and the Glist. Sigh.

I have to hand it to Raymund Flandez with his astute observation of the Olivia Newton John and Sue Sylvester video: “If beefcake bods, wrestling unitards and bulging biceps of nearly-naked guys with two cougars in blue gym suits are your thing, this might be the viral Viagra video for you.” I wanted to like the video. But mostly, I just didn’t.

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