Here are Girls season 2 quotes from the episode Season 2 episode 1, “It’s About Time”.

Marnie: Are you firing me?
Boss: Of course not. Downsizing is different.
Hannah Horvath: I’m so glad you accepted that thing I said was a macchiato but was really three kinds of syrup and soda water.
Hannah: How do you feel?
Adam: Like I got hit by a f*$king truck, which I did.
Adam: You’re my main hang.
Ray: My computer tells me you unfriended me on Facebook.
Marnie to Julian: Hannah would be so mad if you were bi.
Elijah: How am I supposed to get hard if you’re rolling your eyes?
Hannah: Can I borrow The Fountainhead?
Shoshanna: You were never my friend, you were only my lover, and that is now over.
Adam: Do you wanna watch Bagger Vance extras?
Elijah: Our lives are so entwined.
Marnie: What, like you’ve met his whole family?
Elijah: No, like he pays for everything.
Marnie: I hate anal sex. I assume.

Shoshanna: I thank the higher powers for all of the gifts that I have already received…A keen mathematical mind and fairly fast growing hair.

Elijah to Hannah: I’m sorry I have a boner. It’s not for you.

Marni: Julian spilled Yoo Hoo on a print!

Hannah: We can all laugh about it, over a bowl.. of crisps.

Audrey: I’m not stoned enough to do this.

Hannah: First off, I’ve loved one gay guy. So, that’s the number.
Marnie: I actually realized the other day I could go eight months with no sex and I’d be absolutely fine.
Adam: When you love someone you don’t have to be nice all the time.
Marnie: I wouldn’t even sleep with a cater waiter and they’re my age.
Hannah: I always felt like I was secretly really good at cutting hair.
Shoshanna: I may be deflowered but I’m not devalued.
Elijah: Does anyone have a Klonopin?
Marnie’s Mom: You just look like floats in the Macy’s parade, big heads on these tiny bodies.
Photos: HBO