Here are  the best Girls season 2 quotes from the episode season 2 episode 4.

Girls Quotes “It’s a Shame About Ray”

Hannah: I made a mistake trying to re-purpose you.

Marnie: So, where do you get your headbands?

Hannah: It is frankly psychotic of her to show up.

Hannah: I am grown up, that’s why I cooked all this food.
Shoshanna: What’s a butt plug?

Hannah: Don’t go. And you don’t go. Nobody go.

Jessa: I can’t even eat meat unless I’m menstruating.

Jessa: It’s the good one.

Thomas-John: I’m a unicorn and you’re a hipster munching my  hay.

Shoshanna: Where do you live when you aren’t living in my house seven days a week.

Jessa: I’m going to look 50 when I’m 30.

Hannah: It’s like having a clit in your butt.

Hannah: She’s too self involved to commit suicide

Jessa: No, it’s delicious. If it didn’t ruin your whole body and your whole life we’d all be on it right now.

Hannah: What have we ever done that’s so great?
Marnie: Nothing that great. Nothing with condiments.

Shoshanna to Ray: Omg, do you live with me?

Marnie: Are her mustards not receiving enough accolades?

Jessa: Come on, I’ve been drinking since I was a child.

Jessa: Fern? That’s a ridiculous name.

Hannah: Nothing bundt trouble?

Hannah: I’m really sorry you’re sad, I just need to get rid of your snot.