Here are Girls season 2 quotes from the episode Season 2 episode 2, “I Get Ideas”.

Adam: You destroyed my heart, thanks.

Hannah: What if he’s murdery in a murder way?

Hannah: You are basically saying that you don’t think he loved me enough to murder me.

Hannah: You were with George for a very long time and he’s still on Hotmail.

Marnie: I just don’t wanna be around people who don’t hate everything right now.

Elijah: Folks that old have different rules.

Elijah: You’re just a sad, limp little Glow worm.

Shoshanna: I really hate how disorganized my sweater drawer is.

What is the orange sleeping bag that Hanna is wearing?

Hannah: It’s a pair of shorteralls.

Jessa: Just read the newspaper. Just read one newspaper.

Jessa: If he’s not reading your essays he’s not reading you.

Elijah: You look like a slutty Von Trapp child.

Hannah: That is Space rape.

Hannah: Your rights happened. And your rights happened. I can’t be with someone who’s against gays and women.