Curiouser and curioser. Here’s your Girls review of season 2, episode 7 – titled “Video Games.”


Girls Review – “Video Games”

So, now I need to move…

The scenery for this episode was amazing and full of bright greenery that made everything seem happy. I ADORED the ramshackled white house that Jessa’s Dad lives in. Now, it’s a little too large to be called charming, but it’s still quaint and darling.

And while I was still loving the porch and the staircase they brought in the bunnies! I mean… please can I have them?! ALL? (And then they ate it. Poor bun.) ….Then they ate outside! Not on a flimsy piece of outdoor furniture or a picnic table. I mean, they have a real table out there. The kind they’d put in a photoshoot and the kind I’d pin on Pinterest.


Does this mean people are like pins?

Hannah was the buffer for Jessa and her family, upon this occasion. Or, rather, the cushion. Have you ever been a cushion? I mean, haven’t we all, unwittingly, even? When two people don’t get along, I often work extra hard to try and make everyone feel okay and acknowledged and happy. And sure, it can get awkward. But it always feels like the polite thing to do. Anyway, in the end, Hannah didn’t really live up to any expectations of helping be a cushion.

Daddy’s Girl

Who knew that Jessa was SUCH a Daddy’s girl? And being one is not always some sort of weird inspirational thing that comes into play for sexual dynamics, by the by. I just mean that she’s really, really close to her Dad. r at least gets along with him incredibly well, for the most part. Even though we learned they don’t talk a lot, they still connected pretty well in the beginning. And while we didn’t see much of it on the screen, it was easy to sense that Jessa was easily ruffled by him. In fact, she was almost irrationally upset by the fact that he hadn’t canceled plans for her, though he hadn’t been sure she’d come. She was also easily annoyed by some facts about her Dad, like how he never cleaned his house. And she hated Petula, who seemed like a fairly low key and cool woman. But not to Jessa. Jessa is angry at her Dad. For a lot of things in the past. I think that Jessa is being too hard on her Dad.

And now, a theory…

Do you reckon that this episode was a bit like Alice in Wonderland? BOOM. See, that was the instant where you just realized that I’m a little bit right. There was that rabbit, and the mad hatter at the wonky tea party… Everything had a different way than how Hannah was used to it, and they were okay with it while she was freaking out. (Life is HARD for an undiagnosed hypoglycemic!)

Parents are Aliens, basically

What does the end scene mean, where Hannah had nothing but good intentions but her parents still couldn’t accept it or believe it? I think we give people patterns to expect from us, and maybe it’s not fair to be angry when we veer off course and they don’t receive it in the way we intended. Still, it’s frustrating. Especially with parents. Parents are another species, sometimes.

The curious case of Jessa Johnsson

And why did Jessa leave? Well, Jessa treats Hannah like how Hannah treats her parents. I know that much.

References in this episode of Girls:

The Borrowers
Hocus Poucus
Jenny Lewis (“Silver Linings” was playing in the car.)
Alice in Wonderland (unintentionally?)
Aimee Mann (“How Am I Different”)

P.S. This is the smallest note, but I love when I’ve been away, staying with someone else, and then get a chance to pick out my own food. It’s the smallest thing, but always feels like a huge victory. And in keeping with small notes, I love that Hannah went to pee in the same outdoor spot as before.