Have you ever pulled a Marnie where you got so invested in a relationship to the point where you were simply gobsmacked to learn the other person didn’t even consider you two in a relationship? Keep reading to find out the details of Marnie’s tryst. Here’s your Girls review of season 2, episode 6 – titled “Boys.”

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Girls “Boys” Review

Bromance: Over

Well, this storyline between Ray and Adam is probably the reason for the title being what it is. We’ve never seen Ray and Adam hang out before. And in this episode, they did. At first they got along fine. But after a bit of bonding, they let a girl come between them.  Or the idea of a girl. They’re both eccentric, so I guess that happens. When egos are so big, you won’t find room for much else. My biggest problem is how Adam was treating the dog. First, he stole a dog and while it was scared and angry, he locked it in a bathroom.Then on the way to returning it, he just walked away. Damn, Adam. Now I kind of hate him.

Marnie’s Delusions

Marnie has been such a Charlotte Yorke, man. She wants to be a happy homemaker. An din the process, she’s forcing herself into a position that she was never asked to be in, not really. She wants to play house and wear the apron. But I also didn’t agree with Boothe at all. I had also assumed they were dating. I just didn’t think he was asking her to help him host as a couple thing, just as a favor.

What’s My Age Again?

In this episode, Adam and Ray talk about women’s ages. They believe that women between 18 and 40 are crazy.

Instead of being furious, I found myself wondering… are the in-between’s the problem? Are women between 18 and 40 doomed? And is it horrible that I’m even considering this as being possibly the truth? Am I being disingenuous to my entire generation? (Gen X, Gen Y? I don’t even remember what I am.) They usually say our most insecure years are when we’re in high school. But I’m not sure that’s true.  When I was still 17, I felt oddly grounded. And though I feel I get a little smarter and wiser every year I advance, I also think that these years are tough ones for me. I’ve just left my 20’s behind. Which means I’ve got at least ten years of being crazy left. Shrug. Crazy isn’t even so bad. Maybe that’s the ultimate joke. Everyone’s so afraid of being this thing… that isn’t as bad or horrible as they fear it is. Being alive and emotional, it’s not a problem we need to fix. It’s just a way of life that means you’re feeling things deeply.

Room for Cream?

So, Hanna got an e-book deal. The problem is, with such limited time constraints  you can’t do something super great. At least not when it would require, normally, a much longer time frame. For instance, you can make a wonderful cake in an hour. (If you can bake, which I decidedly cannot.) But can you write a wonderful book in a month? No. An E-book? Maybe. But that means the quality is already reduced. I’ve read a few e-books, and they were…well, dumb and pointless, and I was enraged by them for being both dumb and pointless. I’m sure some e-books are good. But I’m also pretty sure they took time and revision and editing. I doubt a very good, moderately long, e-book can take just a month.

See, writing is suffering. People expect things to be churned out so fast, but the quality suffers. There’s a reason you see so many writer’s on TV struggling to write, and it’s because it’s a difficult process that takes time.

Watching Fireflies

At the end of the episode, Hannah and Marnie both lied to each other. And why? Because they wanted to give the illusion that they were doing well. They also lost some closeness they used to have, where they’d allow the other to see that messy part of them. But now the walls are up, and the illusion seems important to maintain.

What did you think of this episode? Would you read Hannah’s e-book? Did you like Marnie’s Dress? Are you also upset about how the dog was treated by Adam?