Be radically honest, when’s the last time you took a sexit?! If you aren’t sure about meaning of the word, keep reading. Here’s your Girls review of season 2, episode 5 – titled “One Man’s Trash!”

Girls Review – “One Man’s Trash”


The Mysterious Case of he Rompers

Hannah’s body isn’t perfect. Which is fine with me. But I am going to make a note that Lena Dunham seems to be purposefully looking awful on camera. In what world, does anyone – anyone at all – think that a beige romper is going to look good? That won’t flatter anyone. Not the item of clothing, nor the color on any pale girl like Dunham or even me. And I’m curious about why Dunham is constantly putting herself in these obviously bad outfits. In fact, later we see that this wasn’t even a romper at all. It’s two pieces. I just don’t get it. I guess I can at least see why she liked the reddish bird pattern…

Drop and Run

So, Hannah likes to drop trash off in the wrong place. It’s her “vice”. Call it crazy  (and most will) but I can understand why breaking the rules in a tiny, almost inconsequential way, might be something Hannah would feel compelled to keep doing. And it’s not a “I’m lazy” kind of action. No. She goes out of her way to do this. And it’s because breaking the rules feels good, but most rules aren’t ones we can really break without some serious consequences. So we find little, weird things like that to do.


“Beg me to stay.”

So, Hannah didn’t know Joshua until that day,  but she ended up sleeping with him and sharing a steak. Thing is, I love the idea of random strangers meeting, having sex, interviewing each other and just sharing a space and being pretty comfortable together. Mind you, I’m not sure how often this happens in reality. Although when people are without companionship (or feeling misunderstood), I think they’re more apt to being into it. I think it’s the same rule of logic where older people will sometimes talk to telemarketers. They’re lonely. They want excitement and someone to talk at/with. It’s just as refreshing experience. Almost like magic. And this is maybe why people love New York City, because it’ll happen there more than in a suburb of Pennsylvania.

So, they had a mini vacation together. Joshua didn’t leave his life, but he didn’t go to work that day. And I mean, they played nearly nude ping pong! Who doesn’t want to do that? Who even owns an honest to goodness real ping pong table that you don’t play on a Wii? Hell, I grew up with a ping pong table in the basement and it ended up just being something we stored stuff on, which is something I’m actually a little bitter about… Although I guess people just hated how easily the balls got lost. But is that really a reason to give up on the entire game?

I ultimately found Joshua/Hannah much less of a mini story about scandalous sex, than one of two people who were bored. Hannah got to explore this amazing house… and as a fellow snoop, I think it’s amazing when you’re actually given free reign to explore a new space that is fancy and has all sorts of gadgets like that. I once stayed at a place with a sauna. I didn’t use it, but you better believe that I sat in it for a few moments, just because it was a freaking sauna in the house!

“I just wanna be happy.”

At one point, Joshua finally realizes that Hannah is a sad little girl who he doesn’t want around anymore. He’s made things so comfortable for her and given her this vacation… and all it did was make her sad. And then he feels guilty for not wanting to share in this little partnership anymore. And then she feels that, and lashes out to victimize herself in saying he is the one not sharing things when she’s been trying to hear him and blah blah. I wish I could explain this, or how it happened, or even defend how sometime’s people’s minds will warp around like that. But I can’t. I just know that it happens. And it’s real. And it’s certainly, certainly weird.

My big question is whether Hannah want someone, or does she just want some nice stuff and an easy life? She was realizing the things she doesn’t have. She has neither. But what does she want more…  boyfriend or a big screen?

Garbage Day

In the end, Hannah still took advantage of a few things. She took her time and ate toast on the patio. But she could tell she wasn’t wanted anymore. And so she had to leave with only exactly what she’d come in with. And maybe that is the reason she was wearing a beige outfit where it gave her the appearance of being nude. Maybe it’s a whole deep metaphor and life and death and how we never carry anything with us.

Then again, maybe it was just a really bad outfit.

Things this episode of Girls referenced:
Urban Dictionary.
Top Gun T-shirt.
Body drums – corporeal percussion.
Nancy Meyers movies.
Toy Story
Fiona Apple

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