Are you also staying out of Spain because you’re avoiding someone? Well… uh… Anyway. Here’s my Girls season 2, episode 4 review.

“Fern, that’s a ridiculous name.” – Jessa

I hate this restaurant

It’s nice to see Jessa again. Jessa is infuriating because she doesn’t cares about rules and decorum. And she implicitly believes she’s so much better than everyone else. She doesn’t go out of her way to impress people, I think she actually tries to annoy and offend them. A perfect example is how she acted with her new Mother and Father in law.

I think Jessa loved her husband and wanted him to stay in the love bubble with her, which is why she distracts him with her breast, trying to get him to choose her. But he shirks her weirdness when faced with his parents, wanting her to conform to that other world. I think it kind of devastates her to realize that her husband isn’t the man she thought she was married to.

Acceptance is what she craved. Which is maybe why she pushed boundaries, trying to get ultra acceptance for anything she might ever do.

We should commit them both

Shosh has her rules about how he’s older so he should have his own place. And ironically, Ray has his own rules about how he can’t say “I love you” at a certain point. And they both broke their rules for each other, awww.  But what’s interesting here is the gender rules of dating and how what their different types of rules say about them. Shoshanna wants to do things by the book according to what isn’t weird, but she probably loves romance and passion enough to say ILY at any point. Ray, meanwhile, thinks it’s fine to live with his girlfriend but doesn’t want to get too close or committed by saying ILY.


  • does not have a website right now.
  • Audrey is back with her hippie headbands!Those headbands are really aggressive, you know. Like “I’m a hipster, hear me journal!”
  • I want to start a mustard company. And I want a friend named Shelby.
  • Girls is often very real, but I never get naked in a tub with my friends. That is just not a thing we do. I also don’t pee in bathtubs.
  • I think it was powerful that Jessa covered her eyes as she cried. I do that too. It’s like you want to hide because you’re so embarrassed to be crying, but you can’t hide your entire body. Jemima Kirke, I applaud your acting choices.