Do you know where the best socks in NY are?  Here’s my Girls season 2, episode 3 review.

Girls Review “Bad Friend”

Marnie + Boothe

That TV chamber would freak me out. And though I was impressed by the impression we got from Boothe Jonathan (Jorma Taccone) in Girls season 1, this time I felt … well, at first I couldn’t even recall who the character was. Despite how much chemistry the two seemed to have at one point, it seemed like the sex was bad for Marnie. Do you think Allison Williams lets her Dad watch this show?

Raising show ponies

Hannah and Elijah on cocaine was hilarious, but you should still not do it. From writing on the walls, to dancing in clubs this duo was entertaining.

The song Hannah and Elijah dance to is that “I don’t care, I love it” song that was the theme song for the Snooki and JWOWW show. Which means I hate it. And that it’s the perfect.

Andrew Rannells really, really had a stand-out episode as Elijah in this episode. I loved Elijah on coke, and I think Rannells probably (much to my delight) ad-libbed a lot.


  • Power clashing annoys me. Let your colors be harmonic. Or, in harmony. Basically, stop clashing.
  • Madame Ovaries is totally a clever wifi names. “Muffins are tasty” is not at all superior.
  • 321 Contact, Teddy Rubxin. THESE MENTIONS ARE AWESOME. And then The Gin Blossoms? Love it.
  • “I love it when you get stroppy.” – Jessa
  • I love Ally McBeal. In theory. When I try to watch it now, sometimes I just feel bored and start wondering about Calista Flockhart and
  • Harrison Ford and how their marriage is.
  • Children’s Death Games. Sure.
  • Hannah’s relationship with junkie Laird is so … fascinating. I love it.