Don’t you want everyone to experience beautiful weddings like the ones on Say Yes to the Dress? Here’s my Girls season 2, episode 2 – “I Get Ideas” – review.

Political parties

It’s weird when you’re a Democrat dating a Republican. But I think if you marry someone from another political party, it somehow works. I know this isn’t a very scientific poll, it’s just one of my super keen observations of the human race.

You banged it up

Never watch YouTube to cut your own bangs. Or at least pick someone who looks super respectable, professional and/or successful. Somehow you can squint at and say, yea, they totally know what they’re doing.


You can’t call 911 and hang up with no consequences. The whole act of calling 911 is crazy because I always think about all the things that go with that. I mean, if it’s an emergency I’ll call no problem. But I do wonder… who are the people who answer those phones, and how many of them are there to ensure no call gets missed? And doesn’t it freak you out to know that the calls are recorded and you might someday hear your voice being played back over the news? Plus, do they or do they not have a little GPS map to know where you’re calling from? This is just a world of mystery!


How do you not care about what your dogs are named? Garbage? Hannacah? You just accept those names? Well, Jessa won’t have these dogs long enough to care about their names, so whatever.


  • Say Yes to the Dress! Who doesn’t love watching that?
  • Who else is guilty of watching a youtube video to work out? It never works well, though, does it? I did not feel good about the video we saw Hannah watching. That girl did not seem professional at all. Even her voice seemed sadly void of confidence.
  • It’s so easy to love and hate Shoshanna in the same breath.
  • Matching Tiger Tattoos. Nuff said.
  • I really wish I could open a box of presents and it was three tiny puppies.
  • Hannah is the reason I don’t want to read other people’s short stories. People are usually super defensive and cocky about their writing, unless they’re a good writer. And good writer’s are usually kind of tortured and embarrassed about their work.
  • No fixed gear bikes allowed. It just makes you a jerk.
  • Lay this thing down, flip it, and reverse it! Missy Elliot
  • “She is thin skinned like a little baby.” – Elijah on Hannah.
  • There totally are “pretty people” jobs. Like a hotel clerk. And usually hair stylists.
  • Et al
  • “As a man living my man life, my desire for you cannot be repressed.” – Adam
  • “He didn’t do anything wrong, I just want to file a restraining order against him.” – Hannah

Photo Credit: HBO