Dressing like forward-thinking pre-school teacher from the 30’s has made dear Shoshanna command focus of half of this piece. Here’s my Girls season 2, episode 1 – “It’s about Time” – review.

“I always felt like I was secretly really good at cutting hair.” – Hannah

Keep calm and destroy that damn poster

First off, most of the style on this show is awful. Well, I suppose Marnie dresses pretty nice. And Jessa dresses nice if hippie chic is your thing. The worst fashion offender is what Lena Dunham does with Hannah. The clothing options are just terrible and ill-fitting all the time. (Although, strangely accurate when it comes to how women will try to buy a certain style of shirt even if it looks bad on their particular body type…) Shoshanna dresses in stuff that has the potential to be cute, but usually pushes too far into “oh, geez” territory. In fact, Zosia Mamet told HBO in an interview that Shoshanna doesn’t know, “what her own personal taste is. I think she’s so busy reading magazines and worrying about what the right thing to wear is all the time that she ends up dressing like an a$&shole.”

And the fact that I like Shoshanna’s bedroom of pink, black and white worries me because I don’t to like a$$hole style. You know? But I think the reason it appeals to me is because it does look like something impersonal lifted right from a magazine page. The thing to discuss about her room, that is annoying, is what’s on her walls.

Because, of COURSE Shoshanna now has a “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster. They were only actually cool for about a second, but now they’re so, so, so ridiculously overdone that I cringe when I see them. Don’t you cringe? Don’t you just want to shove them into garbage bins at this point? Keep Calm and Spa, Keep Calm and Read Harry Potter, Keep Calm and Justin Bieber? That’s not even a real sentence! Bieber isn’t a verb!

Audrey Gelman, picture from Twitter.

What Shosh wore to the party was cute, but too much like a costume with that birdcage veil head piece. Agree/disagree?


Is it odd that Hannah used to be all about Adam and now she isn’t when he wants her? …Totally not. People always change their minds. This is a frequent type of occurrence.

Stylish scuba gear confuses me

Cynthia Rowley makes scuba pants? I mean, seriously? …I’m Googling, I’m Googling… wow. She makes Scuba suits and a Scuba swimsuit and also a skirt made out of Scuba material… Well, I don’t know why Scuba suits themselves need to be made fancy… but I also think the idea of Scuba diving is perverse and scary. Why would you willingly go down in dark water, unable to breathe, knowing you’re around weird creatures that can bite you?

Alien Mama

That’s right. Marnie’s Mom is Tom Hanks wife. Rita Wilson. Yea. And isn’t she a Scientologist? (I type that with judgement, yes. But wait… she’s not. I totally thought she was married to John Travolta, who is a Scientologist.) I try so hard to separate actors from their roles, but usually it influences me in the opposite way. For instance, I started out disliking Kristen Stewart based on hating the character of Bella Swan so much. However, knowing that Wilson probably isn’t a delusional creep makes the role just as fun as before, because I can only imagine how much fun Wilson has in playing up this horrible Mom character. (Anyone who raised the adorkable Colin Hanks must be a good Mom!)

  • ETC
  • The Donald Glover storyline is really short, I think it wraps up in two more episodes. Nothing says a blissful romance like a couple running through a bookstore.
  • Drunk and proper Shosh trying to find her purse was hilarious.
  • I don’t care that Marni lost her job. I am fascinated that Allison Williams’s voice sounds almost identical to Jennifer Garner’s.
  • Did you ever cut your Barbie’s hair and then feel you’d ruined her fake life? Cutting hair is tough. And you should never watch a YouTube video to do it. Especially if they don’t look at all put together.
  • I had totally forgot Jessa got married.
  • Bagger Vance is a movie I’ve never seen. Do I need to rectify this?
  • Audrey is played by Audrey Gelman, and man does she look like a hipster jerk in every scene. That hippie headband makes me want to stab her.
  • Marnie is so selfish to ask to sleep next to Charlie.
  • Does Lena Dunham just love getting naked? I’m kind of baffled by her choice of grey/no-color bras and underwear. That’s the least flattering color anyone could wear, ever.

Photo credit: HBO