Are you tempted to re-read Little Women? Here are the Girls quotes from season 2, episode 5, which is titled “Boys.”

girls season 2

Girls Quotes

Was there mustard?
Marnie: It’s Hannah. She keeps saying she has news but I bet it’s .. she wrote a blog post. Or she ate a good hot dog.

Time for a re-read?
Shoshana: How exactly does your Godmother thinks Little Women relates to your shit?

Sexism at its’ finest!
Shoshana: I mean, it’s like really your duty as a man to go.

Many people do…
Ray: Usually when people say they wanna be a writer they don’t really want do anything but eat and masturbate.

What an inventive and original name…
Adam: He’s a dog. His name is dog.

Are they, though?
Ray: Women under 18 and over 40 are the best.