Have you ever had anyone guess your name and get it right? Yea, me neither. Here are the Girls quotes from season 2, episode 5, which is titled “One Man’s Trash.”


Girls Quotes

Why are you freaking out about it, Han?
Hannah: Okay I’m pretty sure I invented it and I’m kind of freaking out. Sexit.

Let’s all have one!
Hannah: You leave a party or other event in order to have sex. You’re making a sexy exit, that’s a sex-it.

Thank you, I shall!
Ray: Go back to your panda videos.

This really only works as a funny quote in context…
Hannah: I’ll see you around, but not by your trash cans.

Maybe she really likes The Great Gatsby…
Joshua: What’s your name?
Hannah: Guess.
Joshua: Daisy.
Hannah: I wish that was my name.

It’s very likely true…
Hannah: Okay, I think your sweater costs more than my rent.

Can you relate?
Hannah: Please don’t tell anyone this, but I wanna be happy.
Joshua: Of course you do, everyone does.
Hannah: Yea, but I didn’t think I did.

Joshua: You like it rare?
Hannah (on her steak): Super rare. If you could even un-cook it a little…

Sounds kinda nice…
Hannah: I thought I was a gummy worm for like 7 minutes.

Sure, sure…
Hannah: If anything I think I’m too smart and too sensitive too like, not crazy.

Girls airs Sunday nights on HBO.