All the greats get a mention, form Tom Wolfe to Carly Rae Jepsen! Here’s a list of pop culture references you’ll find in the Girls episode “Boys.”

girls season 2

Pumped Mag – No, it’s not a magazine about building muscle and getting strong like a muscle man. It’s


Target – Home to millions of items you don’t need, but will most definitely buy.


Toni Morrison – We recommend reading “The Bluest Eye.”

Bella Swan, Twilight

Pistachios – A damn delicious snack.

Beaches of Normandy

Tom Wolfe – This American author and journalist gave us “Bonfire of the Vanities.”

The Learning Annex

Donald Trump

Carly Rae Jepsen – A singer, maybe.

The Apprentice

Rosewater ice cream – A decadent treat

Ivanka Trump

Goat milk probiotic – We’re told that “each serving contains over 30 billion beneficial microorganisms.”

Little Women

E-Books – What all the creative writing majors you knew in college are all writing from their parent’s guest rooms.