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You don’t need Fabletic’s (sorry Kate Hudson) to create cute Yoga outfits. Photo: Bravo

This episode is “Rule No. 33: When in Doubt, Run Away.” It features music by Meadowlark Lemon, Kim Cesarion, Lowell, Cream and Macy Gray.

My favorite picks here are pretty easy. You can never go wrong with a Cream classic, and in terms of new tunes – this singer, Lowell, has a hypnotic and fun beat that really energizes me (and makes me feel cool.) Definitely check out the YouTube song links for them.

Girlfriends Guide to Divorce Music– Season 1, Episode 6

“Rule No. 33: When it Doubt, Run Away”

First Song
Song: “That’s When I Feel Amazing Grace” by Meadowlark Lemon – YOUTUBE LINK

Second Song
Start of episode, Abby is jogging with her friends.
Song: “Undressed” by Kim Cesarion –  YOUTUBE LINK

Third Song
When: They’ve arrived! (In Vegas.)
Song: “I Love You Money” by Lowell – YOUTUBE LINK

Fourth Song
When: Abby wakes up in a hotel room with the “escort.” And we see the photoshoot with the babies going…not so well.
Song: “Strange Brew” by Cream – YOUTUBE LINK

Fifth Song
When: It’s time for the limo ride home.
Song: “Stoned” by Macy Gray – YOUTUBE LINK

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