This certainly isn’t the story Tyra Banks presents on ANTM.

The world of modeling has many problems, not all of which deal with being size zero. The documentary, created by Ashley Sabin and David Redmon, explores how our obsession with youth plays a part in this world. The film follows Nadya Vall, a 13-year-old who is taken from a rural Siberian life and plopped into the very adult world of international modeling. The process is grueling. But Nadya isn’t grateful about this portrayal.

In an unexpected turn, Nadya (NOAH Models) spoke out in September 2012 via a now-deleted YouTube video against the film. She had said it “does not reflect the truth or the reality in any manner”, and accused its male co-director of being “a sexual predator.”

Sabin and Redmon said this was false. And it would appear that the facts back them up on that matter.

No matter what, this isn’t a happy story.

POV “Girl Model”

Go beneath the facade of the modeling industry by following two people whose lives intersect because of it. Ashley is a deeply conflicted American model scout, and 13-year-old Nadya Vall, plucked from a remote Siberian village and promised a lucrative career in Japan, is her latest discovery. As the young girl searches for glamour and an escape from poverty, she confronts the harsh realities of a culture that worships youth—and an industry that makes perpetual childhood a globally traded commodity. Official Selection of the 2011 International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam and Toronto International Film Festival. – Via Press Release

Girl Model has a PBS premiere date on Sunday, March 24, 2013, 10:00-11:00 p.m. ET