The ladies on ‘Girl Code’ (MTV) tell it like it is. Here are some of the most important Girl Code rules that we’ve gotten from the ladies on MTV so far.

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Girl Code on MTV

Girl Code Rules List (MTV)

As long as you like them, there’s no such thing as hoop earrings that are “too big.”

You go around asking, or using the hashtag, #isthatweird? or #Icant

The bathroom is great to visit in a pack, and bond. Think of it like a half-time huddle to discuss things.

You can let old ladies cut the bathroom line, but no one else.

You often make up your own words. Or you try to merge two words together to form a super word.

Start your snooping with the cell phone. If the FB is logged out, just hit the back button and you’re back in!

No flash, no filter, and you still look good in the picture? Damn, you actually look good.

You should squat in a public bathroom, never sit.

You do not have to dance with the ugliest guys that try to get in with you.

If you went through a rough puberty, it will only make you stronger as you grow up.

If you wouldn’t pay the original price for a sale item, don’t buy it just because it’s on sale. It means you don’t really like it!

You don’t HAVE to wax, but maintain your bikini area if you’re wearing a bikini on the beach.

You don’t have to kiss someone at midnight on New Years’ Eve. If you want to, try a picture of Ryan Gosling, your girlfriends, or the bartender.

You dress for gay men and other women. They are the ones who really understand true fashion.

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Don’t wax for a guy, only if it’s for you.

If there no toilet paper in the stall? Tell the next girl!

Don’t act on information you’ve gained from snooping, right away. Breathe. There’s therapists, a chance to make a powerpoint presentation…

Freaking out? CHILL OUT. Things change.

It is okay to be alone. Don’t let being single for a while trick you into lowering your standards. You deserve better. GIRL CODE.

If you’re gonna dance, do it with no apologies. Shake it and mean it.

Before dating, snoop as much as you can via the internet. But after you’re dating, then …don’t get caught. But don’t feel weird, we all love to snoop.

If you snoop and there’s nothing to find, you’re the jerk.

You don’t take yourself too seriously, and humor is your best weapon.

In talking about religion, you get ten minutes, then shut the hell up.

Don’t ever tell your friend she needs a makeover, be nice and light-handed about giving her beauty tips.

Keep your shoes on in the club.

Talk about religion with a guy that you’re committing to for a long time, because that’s going to be an issue.

Girl Code is a religion, or at least has amendments to the commandments. A Girl Code temple has a brunch room, nail salon, and a hating room.  Meet us there!

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