Imagine 20 minutes of Jenna Marbles. Or a Hello Giggles post come to life. Or, imagine if the leading ladies of Girls were on a reality show and we saw 20 minutes of them just talking to the camera. And then you get the idea of Girl Code.

"The crush to obsession line lies somewhere in the middle of the scarf that you're knitting for them." - Alice Wetterlund

“The crush to obsession line lies somewhere in the middle of the scarf that you’re knitting for them.” – Alice Wetterlund

It’s not bad. Girl Code isn’t bad. I’m just not sure if it’s good – yet. The premiere episode aired tonight on MTV. What Girl Code is… besides erratic, fast-paced, wacky, and pretty funny, is a conversational style video full of sarcasm and tons of quoteable moments. The motto is, “You can’t learn a lesson without living it.” And there are plenty of real women ready to share their lessons.

There are lots of graphics included, which seem to be stylized in the way you’d imagine “grown-up Lisa Frank” to be.

The series has made a concerted effort for variety in the girls they are displaying. One similarity? They’ve all got something to say. (And some of them have male genitalia.)

Below is a recap of the issues discussed on Girl Code:

Girl Code: Boob Talk

Overalls: what it’s like wearing them with small boobs, or big ones.
How we pad our bras.
Why big boobs suck. “Heavy and cumbersome.”
“Whether it’s mountains or molehills, make something out of em.”

Girl Code: Crushes

Verbal Diahrrea – Sounding like Michael Cera
“I’ve named all three of my kids and I don’t even have a boyfriend yet.”
Crushing vs Stalking

Girl Code: Drinking

#ICant – Fedora’s
Tequila for fighting, bourbon for crying, wine for relax
Don’t take drinks from strangers
Drinking at home is safest
The F*$k it Drink

Long Story Short: Jillian Rose Reed

Don’t date guys who like to wear vikings hats.

Girl Code: Roommate

Be clean, wear the same size of shoe, and don’t shed.
Girls interview potential roomies. Guys just want to know if you have the money.
Can’t be a serial killer. Must share.
Gay men are great roomies.
Drag Queens will steal your clothes.
You are not Martha Stewart.
No chore charts.