While there may never be a Gilmore Girls movie, there’s something else that we’d accept as a consolation prize. And while the likelihood of it happening is close to nil, it never hurts to ask Santa, right?

There are already Gilmore Girls games on ABC Family, but how great would it be to have a Gilmore Girls Wii game? As an advocate for TV shows, I also find myself as an advocate for Wii games based on TV shows!

Think of the Gilmore Girls games we could play…

  1. Run through the Stars Hollow Hay Bale Maze whilst delivering orders from Lukes.
  2. Try to beat the clock in getting Luke to give you as many refills of coffee as you can.
  3. Create a short band advert that lets you cast the best-sounding band for Lane.
  4. Avoid Kirk!
  5. Sneak out of the Gilmore house under Emily’s watchful eyes.
  6. A Debutante challenge.
  7. Mother-daughter fashion show time! Get your outfits on quick enough, and make sure you both match exactly with all accessories.
  8. Create dessert sushi that passes Lorelai’s standards.
  9. Go head to head with Emily Gilmore and quip your way through Sunday night dinner while you still have one heart left.
  10. Correctly name the famous paintings that your fellow townsfolk are the faces of. (Reference to: The Festival of Living Pictures.)
  11. Correctly identify Donna Reed quotes.
  12. Rename some basic food that Sookie has made to then suit Mr. and Mrs. Gilmore. (Mac & Cheese is suddenly Pasta a la Sookie, remember?)
  13. Jump from a great height wearing a ball gown and holding an umbrella. Try to land as close to Logan Huntzberger as possible!
  14. Sing an embarrassing karaoke song to Luke.
  15. Man the “The Amazing Doggy Swami” booth at a Stars Hollow carnival.
  16. Organize a D.A.R. party that no one could be offended by. (Careful, Mrs. Gilmore hates when the appetizers aren’t staggered!)
  17. Correctly match pop culture names and phrases to their meaning. Pushkin, anyone? Copper Boom? The Goofy Gophers?
  18. Decipher the meaning of a conversation between Madeline and Louise.
  19. Separate food into their four proper food groups: fast food, junk food, frozen food and take out.
  20. Deviled egg a car.

So, what would you add to the list? C’mon Gilmore Girls fans, I know you’re out there still!

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