Ah, it’s the first day of September. Time to think about crisp and colorful fall folliage, the perfect Halloween costume that’s under 50 bucks, and murders revolving around Polygamist sects!

To do so, we must merge Grey’s Anatomy (blergh!) and Gilmore Girls (yay!) Sorry, is my bias showing? My love for Grey’s Anatomy stopped after their short first season. But my love for Gilmore Girls is never-ending. It’s not obsession, it’s devotion! Wait, is that the argument employed by stalkers? … Moving on!

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Chyler Leigh of Grey’s Anatomy and Matt Czuchry of Gilmore Girls are teaming up with Patricia Wettig of Brothers & Sisters for a Lifetime original movie called The 19th Wife. It’s based on the New York Times best-selling novel by David Ebershoff. And yup, it’s about polygamy! (I don’t mean to be excited about the idea of polygamy. I like the show Big Love, but that’s it.)

I’m a fan of both Chyler Leigh and Matt Czuchry – so I just might watch this on one of my insomnia-ridden nights.

The 19th Wife airs September 13th at 9/8c!

Tip: A hairstyle trend that’s never happening? The polygamist wife one.

Visit The 19th Wife website to learn more.

The 19th Wife Trailer:

The 19th Wife Synopsis: This sweeping epic is a compelling, thought-provoking film based on the acclaimed New York Times bestselling novel by David Ebershoff. “The 19th Wife” takes us inside the secret world of polygamy. Set in present day Mesadale, Utah, Becky Lynn, the “19th Wife” of Sawyer Scott, is accused of coldly murdering her husband. As the chilling murder mystery unfolds, the story flashes back to 1875, as Ann Eliza, the wife of Brigham Young, is expelled and branded an outcast for her rebelliousness. As she fights to bring down her husband and his church, Ann Eliza finds reason to fear for her life. As the present-day mystery reaches its shocking and dramatic conclusion, Anna Eliza’s struggles in 1875 end on a harrowing note…This controversial and tension packed film pulls back the veil of secrecy and the mystery of the inner workings of this American cult.