Fans of Downtown Abbey take note – there’s a new series you’re going to (probably) love. So, be the first of your friends to know all of these details…

Shonda Rimes has a new ABC TV show that will rival Downton Abbey. It will revolve around the Lily family, who has always been rich and powerful until a scandal lowers their station. Set in 1895, the show will center on the opening of the very first luxury hotel in NYC. A lot of class warfare will be illustrated, as well as family politics.

Already cast in Gilded Lilys are Blythe Danner and Sarah Bolger (The Tudors.) Danner will be taking the role of Caroline Lily, a deviously witty and powerful Mother. Bolger plays the rebellious daughter of Edwin and Elizabeth, Violet Langton Lily. Madeline Zima (Californication, Heroes) has also been cast as Violet Lily’s maid.

Shonda Rhimes is also the creator of Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice. She has also created the new show Scandal, which will star Kerry Washington and is set to air in April. The Gilded Lilys pilot has only recently been ordered by ABC Studios. The script will be written by K.J. Steinberg (Gossip Girl), Betsey Beers and Rimes. It began filming for the pilot in Boston.

There is currently some confusion about how the TV show title will be spelled: gilded lilys, gilded lillies, gilded lillys? It seems to have every possible spelling online so far.

Sarah Bolger Pictures from

sarah bolger

Sarah Bolger in fun and flirty black.

sarah bolger

Sarah Bolger in striking red.

Sarah Bolger will star in Gilded Lillies.

Gorgeous dress.