When I heard about the Showtime reality show about Gigolos I wondered – would it be cheesy, skeezy, or you know, actually good? Turns out it’s more of a guilty pleasure, and it’s two of the three.  This Showtime reality show about gigolos is about five of them and their boss in Vegas.

Being a gigolo isn’t always easy, you guys. They’re proud, competitive, they work out to maintain, they have philosophies… and claim they’re totally normal and looking for love. Oh, and they love women and believe they’re  feminists. It’s just too good.

You learn several things in this first episode, such as there’s certain slang – the meet-up’s are called “appointments.” The rates are pretty great, if you can get the work (and, uh, don’t mind being a frickin’ gigolo.) You get $550.000 for two hours, and sometimes up to $5,000 for a weekend. Some people will pay to even interview the guys beforehand.

What’s surprising to me, more than anything else, is that the clients that are shown on the tv series. They don’t mind if their faces are blurred – even if it’s a couple, or a school teacher.

Be primed for sentences that start with the deep thoughts of, “When I first became a gigaglo…” and graphic, graphic scenes.I mean, you’re basically watching porn for about two minutes at a time. It was kind of uncomfortable to watch because the people can be so cheesy with their lines. The best part? Seeing a woman going down on someone as you see her “praise the lord” tattoo, and her husband is across the room shouting dirty things at them.

I wouldn’t mind watching the show to see their lives, but I’d prefer none of the graphic porn.

In the first episode you see a woman interviewing the guys for a date (paying them for the interview), a married couple getting a gift, and a new guy joining tghe “crew.”

Gigolo Quotes in Episode 1:

“I’ve probably forgotten more about women than most people will ever know.”

“It takes no emotional toll from me anymore.”

“There’s no way I could ever be content with a 9 to 5 job.”

“If he’s really black, he’ll be on ghetto time. So he’ll be 20 minutes late.” (Wow, racism.)

“It’s being a recessionista. Read that in Wired magazine.”

Gigolos: Showtime Shows Us All in this New Reality TV Show

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