Supermodel Giesele Bundchen recently (like SUPER recently) gave birth to her first child with Tom Brady (he plays sports or something). But did you know Gisele has another baby!? It’s not a secret, either. Her “baby” is a web-series called Gisele and the Green Team. This series (made with A2 Entertainment) will premiere in February 2010, which isn’t too far away now.

The idea of the show is that there is an animated Gisele (who will probably be just as perfectly beautiful as the real specimen) and there are also four teenagers who seem totally normal, but are also environmental superheros. “Led by Gisele, the Green Team fights environmental evils with beauty accessories that double as weapons while empowering young girls to protect and preserve the world around them.”

The idea is to get young children excited about being eco-friendly. And I think it’s a great idea because the stuff you learn as a kid you really do take with you as you get older. For instance, growing up I swear there was never any pressure to floss your teeth. They said it was good to do but not mandatory. So it has taken me a while to program myself to believe I really DO need to floss every day. Same thing goes for learning foreign languages – when you’re young you soak up knowledge like a weird little sponge. I just hope the kids aren’t disappointed when they realize that real superheros doesn’t fight with curling irons. ;P