ghost hunters international dvd release

Paranormal activity is not limited to the USA. Europe is chock-a-locka FULL of myths and legends about ghosts and other unexplainable mysteries. The Ghost Hunters spin-off, Ghost Hunters International is coming to DVD on June 1st, 2010.  Image Entertainment is releasing  Ghost Hunters International Season 1: Part 1, which is “a collection of 11 episodes exploring some of the world’s most famous supernatural locations.” The DVD set has three disc’s, includes deleted scenes, and will be on sale for $24.98. If you find you can’t sleep after watching the DVDs, I really wouldn’t blame you. Ghosts are freaky.

“Ghost Hunters” is the #1 paranormal franchise on cable television. In this hit spin-off of SyFy’s popular series – which debuted to record-breaking ratings with over 2.8 million viewers tuning in – you’ll see medieval ruins, Victorian mansions and more as the hunters travel from Great Britain to Germany to New Zealand, sifting through history and mystery. Will they be able to explain what they find?

The chilling journeys taken on “Ghost Hunters International” will be sure to tempt any fan of the uncanny:

* Chillingham Castle
* Evil Unearthed
* Whispers from Beyond
* Haunted Village
* Fortress of Fear
* Headless Haunting
* Frankenstein’s Castle
* Larnach Castle
* Devil Dogs
* Castle of the Damned
* Shattered Spirit