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I don't know much about him, but I like his style. It's manly chic. / Josh Gates from

One of our contributors, Martin, is excited about what’s on Syfy tonight. Am I a mind reader? No. I just read his twitter, duhs. (It’s the ultimate stalking tool of the uh, 2000’s. I stalk you all!) Goonthealmighty: RT: @joshuagates: Please RT: Destination Truth returns TONIGHT to Syfy! 10pm/9c after an all new Ghost Hunters. Tune in!

And it’s true. There’s a new episode of GHOST HUNTERS on at 9/8 c on Syfy, and then it’s the season premiere of DESTINATION TRUTH at 10/9 c. On GHOST HUNTERS the TAPS team will be looking into a haunted Irish Pub in NY, and on DESTINATION TRUTH Josh Gates is going to track down a leprechaun. I hope he’s nice to it – her/him! Not that I watched CHARMED or anything, but remember those episodes where they had leprechauns? They always said something funny like “Slanty Slanty!”. No, really. I wonder if Rose McGowan remembers. Hum. I hope you guys have a good St. Patty’s day. People are going to try and make me eat corned beef. To that I say: MACARONI AND CHEESE.