Ghosts can come in handy, you know.

Photo: CBS

This gang won’t take guff from ghosts. Photo: CBS

In the “No Questions Asked,” episode of How I Met Your Mother, the ghost of Captain Dearduff of room 13 gets blamed for a lot. Now, is it really him, or just an excuse given for a crappy room?

Well, you can also work this to your advantage. And tailor your ghost story as you see fit.

For Captain Dearduff….here’s what a hotel would tell you

  • The AC won’t turn off? The Farhampton in told Lily it’s because the Captain likes the icy chill of death.
  • The Wifi won’t work? Ghosts interfere with electronics!
  • The shower is leaking? Well, the Captain likes a dripping sound to remind him of the blood of his victims.
  • Lock doesn’t work? Well, Dearduff wouldn’t want to be locked out of his room. And he can’t walk through the wall since there’s rats in there.

Here’s ghost-related excuses that YOU can use….

  • Mini bar emptied? The ghost was hungry – ravenous!
  • Adult movies ordered? That was the ghost playing a joke! Totally not your fault.
  • Room service ordered? Again with that prankster!
  • Robes appear to be stolen?
  • Someone stole a ton of mini shampoo bottles?
  • Lamp is broken?
  • Someone draw on the walls with a sharpie?
  • Your friend’s Chanel sunglasses have gone missing?

….That ghost did it ALL!